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Unlocking $13,000 in Facilities Energy Savings in 30 Days: Case Studies Show Integration Is Key

Energy management and cost avoidance are two of the most effective ways Facilities Managers can unlock hidden value in their operations. While facilities management remains one of the most often slashed budgeting line items for companies, improved accountability and application of technology can reveal significant facilities energy savings potential.

As explained by Health Facilities Magazine, organizations across the country have deployed sensors connected to the Internet of Things, attract data, use analytics to understand data and much more. Facilities Managers that wish to take advantage of these benefits should consider these top examples from the dawn of energy management from the early 2000s, and imagine how such cases could be applied today.

Urjanet and Arconic Realized $13,000 in Direct Energy Savings

Urjanet and Arconic partnered to achieve better energy efficiency. At the beginning of the project, Urjanet found the extensive global footprint of the company (Arconic) and data collection resources were almost too immeasurable to combine. As a result, it was necessary to consolidate systems and ensure that systems could communicate with one another. In other words, integration was essential. After launching, the results were astounding. In fact, the combined efforts of Urjanet and Arconic achieved significant savings in one month, amounting to more than $13,000, reports Energy Manager Today. Over the course of a year, that figure jumps to $182,000, assuming the organization makes no other improvements.

Colorado Springs School District 11 Saved $6.5 Million Between 1999 and 2006

In 1999, Colorado Springs School District 11, notes Buildings.com, the biggest in the state, saved an average of $1.1 million annually after implementing an energy management program. Although the district realized savings through lower energy costs, the volume and frequency of maintenance shifted toward preventive from reactive strategies. As a result, equally avoided maintenance spend was achieved, pushing actual savings closer to $2 million per year in avoided costs.

The University of California Saw Real-World Benefits of Implementation

The University of California San Diego is another example of an organization deploying the benefits of integrated systems. As a university, much of the existing energy cost was the result of the energy-intensive labs on the premises. After implementing constant-volume air supply and exhaust systems, as well as variable frequency drives, the school was able to achieve energy savings. Of course, such systems depended on the ability to integrate control systems with other facility maintenance and management systems. The university’s energy savings profile stood at $11 million by 2005, and continuous improvements have become part of the equation as well, says Buildings.com.

Accor North America Deployed Energy Management Across Its Hotel Chain

As reported by Buildings.com, the primary brand, Accor North America, well known for its national hotel chains, sought to improve energy spend by achieving increase control over guest room AC units. The company considered wireless thermostats, sensors, PTAC controllers and analytics-driven platforms. After testing and validating energy savings across 23 hotel properties in 2003, the company implemented the same technology across its national footprint. Since then, the company has achieved consistent facilities energy savings of between 20 to 25 percent, resulting from decreased energy consumption when booked, but not occupied, rooms are left with an AC running.

Choose the Right Partner to Achieve the Greatest Cost Avoidance Goals, Integrating Systems Along the Way

There are countless success stories of how integrated systems and improved visibility into facility assets can translate into facilities energy savings. In fact, ENTOUCH has a proven track record of working with companies of all types, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, corporate real estate, hotels, and fast-casual restaurants, of improving energy efficiency. Find out how your organization can become the latest success story by visiting ENTOUCH online.