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Facilities Maintenance: Preventative, Scheduled, Reactive, & Deferred Maintenance. Oh MY!

Preventative, scheduled, deferred, and reactive maintenance are integral to effective facilities maintenance. It is easy to get swept into the confusion when talking about facilities maintenance keys to success and best practices.

Although several types of facilities maintenance may look alike, they reflect different trip maintenance approaches, including preventative, reactive and scheduled maintenance. Each means various benefits and drawbacks to facilities management. To help your organization get a handle on facilities maintenance costs, let’s take a closer look at the difference, benefits, and factors affecting each maintenance time.

How Analytics Impacts the “Single Pane of Glass” Model to Facilities Management

In facilities management, the value of a single portal to manage all existing activities is undisputed. Combined with the power of analytics, the single pane of the glass model can effectively control and handle all maintenance forms by bringing disparate systems together and uniting all maintenance and facilities management systems into one dashboard.

While this idea may seem far-fetched, it is a reality for several companies that use best-in-class smart building solutions, like ENTOUCH.one and ENTOUCH.360, with other existing facilities management systems. Analytics can utilize data within computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and utility bill management solutions to increase accuracy, reporting, and completion of maintenance needs. However, what sets the types of maintenance apart from one another?

The answer is simple; it is time.

Is All Deferred Maintenance Bad?

Take a moment to think about a type of maintenance. Most commonly affected by time, deferred maintenance. Deferred maintenance refers to postponing known maintenance issues. However, the defining factor in making efficient use of it is delaying it for a valid reason. For example, if an emergency arises, postponing scheduled and preventative maintenance may not be a big deal. However, delaying maintenance merely to avoid its costs will negatively affect your facility and brand image.

Using a CMMS to Better Understand Maintenance

Understanding facilities’ assets and maintenance mean understanding their status and performance. In managing maintenance, it is essential to utilize a CMMS to track work order creation, submission, scheduling, and completed repairs. As the system considers data, the CMMS can enhance the maintenance schedule, prioritizing items that address, ensuring things that are preventative, such as replacing filters at predetermined intervals on the HVAC system, are completed as expected. All problems that arise without notice, otherwise known as reactive maintenance, are addressed.

Know the Difference Between the Types of Maintenance to Drive Savings

Although preventative, scheduled, reactive, and deferred maintenance may sound and look-alike like the facility, they reflect diverse ways of extending the life expectancy of your facility’s assets. Furthermore, preventative maintenance and scheduled maintenance should proactively reduce the amount of reactive and deferred maintenance necessary. However, to bring harmony to your maintenance department, it is essential to implement a customizable system to track facility assets.

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