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ENTOUCH For Facilities Management

Simplified Facilities Management

ENTOUCH offers facilities professionals simplified energy and maintenance management for optimal budgeting, predictive planning, and increased efficiency. We’re here to empower you as the smart building expert as your guide to the connected enterprise.

As a facilities manager you’re challenged to maintain day-to-day-operations with a focus on the end customer, all the while, managing utility costs, energy consumption, maintenance, equipment, vendors and employees. We know you’re stretched thin, that’s why we offer simplified facilities management.

Leverage ENTOUCH for:

  • Flexible technology with seamless integration to your existing systems
  • Rapid deployment with mobile applications that lead you every step of the way
  • Real-time, accurate data and reporting for your energy management program

Better Capital Asset Planning For Facilities Managers

ENTOUCH provides the data and insights to track your entire portfolio of HVAC equipment across multiple locations with predictive analytics for proactive maintenance management.  This is critical for facilities managers, who operate with limited budgets where HVAC accounts for approximately 40-50% of maintenance costs and 20% of capital spending.

Facility Management

ENTOUCH offers facilities and construction managers the ability to reduce maintenance issues and energy consumption for increased business efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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Finance and Procurement Professionals

Leveraging ENTOUCH gives procurement a smart building solution with rapid deployment for immediate speed to results. Our flexible architecture easily integrates with existing technology so you can implement site-by-site as old equipment is replaced.

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Executive Leadership

C-Level executives gain a 360° view of the facilities enterprise for increased business efficiencies and resource optimization. leading to a better bottom line.

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Energy & Sustainability Managers

With our smart building solution, energy managers are empowered to enhance sustainability efforts and increase profits for their multisite property portfolio.

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With the ENTOUCH.360 solution, facilities professionals gain:

Expert Advisory Services

You have direct access to our dedicated team of account managers, who will act as an extension of your team to alert you of data inconsistencies and continuously optimize your energy management program reducing internal resource constraints.

Extended Equipment Life

As your first line of defense, we help you trouble shoot issues on the fly for small repairs that would otherwise go undetected and eventually lead to equipment failure and expensive replacement costs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

We’ll eliminate truck rolls from third party technicians significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Predictive Monitoring

Leveraging our predictive maintenance tools, you can better plan for equipment updates, repairs, and replacements to meet your internal requirements for budget approvals.