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Facility Asset Visibility: Extend the Value of Your CMMS While Leveraging R&M & Energy Data

How often do you think about facility asset visibility? The answer to this question can be tricky. Facilities Managers are responsible for overseeing all operations, but they may be unaware of the historical record surrounding each asset, including when it will or will not function or require maintenance. While a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help Facility Managers with tracking work orders and ensure maintenance needs are met, the value is still limited. However, those that understand the importance of facility asset visibility and leverage repair, maintenance and energy data to increase its value will be rewarded.

Problems Within Facility Asset Visibility Contribute to Plague Facilities Managers

Modern facilities management faces significant problems, including difficulty in gaining facility asset visibility. The most basic functions of a CMMS are often seen as the only and best solutions. While these systems can help increase visibility into repair and maintenance costs, that data is often siloed and Facility Managers overlook part of their value. A CMMS alludes to the life expectancy remaining for any given asset. Those assets that fail repeatedly or need continuous maintenance more often than expected are likely nearing the end of their useful life. As a result, Facilities Managers should consider energy data to determine if the asset needs replacement and how its current energy use is affecting overall expenses and performance.

The Effect of True Facility Asset Visibility Across a Distributed Portfolio

True facility asset visibility means you understand everything affecting your distributed assets ranging from user controls through energy consumption costs. Although these factors may seem unrelated, they all contribute to the gradual degradation of your assets, and understanding their runtime and function helps Facility Managers make informed decisions regarding repair or replacement as well as supports better capital planning. Gaining true visibility means knowing how an asset is functioning and whether it is eating energy unnecessarily, which is necessary to correct the issue and act on that information. In a sense, Facility Managers need to understand how to apply energy and R&M data to improve facility asset visibility.

How to Apply Energy and R&M Data to Boost Facility Asset Visibility

There are countless ways Facility Managers could apply data gathered to boost facility asset visibility. Each process depends on the unique needs and circumstances, as well as technological capabilities, of each facility. However, common threads exist across these processes, and they involve the use of analytics and proactive facilities management. In fact, following these four simple steps will help your organization apply data to boost facility asset visibility:

  • Use descriptive analytics to understand what is happening in your assets. Descriptive analytics reveal the contributing factors leading to a current situation. These analytics function in retrospect, looking to past data to determine what is happening and why it occurred.
  • Take advantage of predictive analytics to determine what will happen. Predictive analytics give Facility Managers an opportunity to see what will occur within the current facility asset if the condition remains unchanged. These “what if” scenarios within predictive analytics allow for an endless realm of possibility for what could lead to higher operating costs. However, Facility Managers that know where they hope to be can use predictive analytics to find the right solution.
  • Let preventive, prescriptive analytics do the hard work of decision-making. Deciding what is the best course to achieve the desired outcome in facilities management is hard, but prescriptive analytics help Facility Managers find and produce the best result for facility assets.
  • Take advantage of an overarching, single pane of glass. The concept of a single pane of glass in energy management bridges the divide between energy usage, utility bill, and R&M data to ensure Facility Managers have access to all the information necessary to make informed decisions and ensure accuracy and integrity and analytics-driven insights.

Implement the Right Building Management System

The right building management system should be based on facility asset visibility and the processes that contribute to full visibility across your enterprise. Smart building technologies are making facilities management more accessible and faster, but it is still up to each organization to put the processes in place to gain asset visibility and leverage such technology to make informed decisions. If your organization is ready to make the switch, reach out to ENTOUCH, the industry’s leading smart building solutions company. Reach out to us by contacting us on our website or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.