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Facility Management System: 5 Ways Real Time Alerts Enable Preventive Maintenance and Profitability

Knowing there is a problem with your facility’s systems is only half the battle. What is causing the issue? Can it be repaired or replaced? How much will it cost? Can other systems compensate for the malfunctioning system for now?

There are hundreds of other questions that may come to mind when something goes wrong. While planned, preventative maintenance is great, especially for multi-site facility managers, it does not quite cut it. Real-time alerts and automated a facility management system enable a proactive approach to maintenance, not just reaction. Let’s take a closer look at how real-time alerts improve a system’s efficiency and ability to reduce operational costs.

Real-time alerts lead to better management and immediate response to possible issues.

1. Real-Time Alerts and Reporting Must Begin Immediately

Real-time alerts are only as good as the amount of time they have been activated. Therefore, as explained by ENTOUCH Director of Field Operations John Bailey, real-time information of an ENTOUCH system deployment is gathered and compiled  from day one within a client’s installation report. In fact, technicians take pictures of the installation, which are cataloged in the system to provide a real-time view into the system’s implementation. This ensures the system is functioning correctly, immediately proving its capacity to provide a return on investment.

2. Immediate Issue Identification, Response, and Resolution Ensure Technicians Perform the Right Repair the First Time

Define reactionary maintenance. There is a problem, and a technician is dispatched to identify the issue and make repairs. When a system is connected to the IoT, the issue can be identified automatically. This information triggers an alert in the facility management system. Facility managers can use this information to ensure technicians are on site as soon as possible and complete the repair appropriately.

Upon completing such repairs, the ENTOUCH team can verify the repair and provide additional coaching to the technician as needed. Therefore, unnecessary repairs and maintenance visits are eliminated.

3. Connected Systems and Automated Alerts Promote Accurate Budgets, Reduced Maintenance Cost and Better Capital Planning

Automated alerts and real-time monitoring are true game changers for budgets and maintenance cost planning. Since the system tracks operating time, facility managers can define budgets with greater precision and accuracy, not just based on historical data, reports David Lewek of Facility Executive. This benefit of real-time alerts in a facility management system may help you gain executive-level support for implementation.

4. Real-Time Information Enables Sourcing of Qualified Technicians

There are technicians who do not possess the required skills and training needed to complete repairs properly. In addition, your team needs to know how to respond to possible issues until a technician arrives. Modern facility management systems enable sourcing of qualified technicians, and the ENTOUCH team can guide your team through appropriate actions and steps to take in the event of an issue. This goes back to having information about the issue available on both ends of the spectrum, ensuring you have the right solution at the right time.

5. Immediate Action Prevents an Issue From Spreading

Immediate action also helps prevent an issue from contributing to malfunctions in other parts of the system. For example, higher energy usage in one system may occur as another malfunctioning system fails to provide proper cooling of a space. Rather than assuming the system is functioning correctly, real-time alerts can identify the issue and trigger an appropriate response.


Most Importantly, a Facility Management System Features Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Proactive, preventative maintenance is about more than just changing filters and checking out your equipment. It uses technology and the IoT to track and manage the systems in your building. When you can access real-time data on all systems, across multiple sites, you gain an added peace of mind. Since you know when things go wrong, you can avoid the delays and customer upset that accompany an unexpected equipment failure. Contact ENTOUCH online now to find out more about how a facility management system can benefit your maintenance schedule.