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Facility Service Quality: Why Focusing on Quality Over Cost Pays

A productive business hinges on the ability to save money where possible and increase profitability. However, this principle can be misconstrued in facilities management and facility service quality. Facilities Managers and executive-level leaders may be more concerned with cost than quality. In the modern era, companies are popping up to offer facilities management services at lower rates, but Facilities Managers need to understand a few things about how these companies differ before getting into a contract that increases stress and value leakage, as explained by FacilityManagement.com.

Being Able to Do It Yourself Doesn’t Mean You Should

Some facility service contracts may allow in-house staff to complete certain activities, like replacing light bulbs or janitorial services. However, anything that involves getting on a ladder, using power tools or otherwise performing activities that are not clearly specified in a contract and fall within the skill set of the Facilities Manager should not be completed in-house. The risk assumed by completing such activities in-house can have disastrous consequences, including potential claims from an employee or occupant injury, poor quality in craftsmanship, hire supply costs, and disruption to guests. Being able to do something in-house does not always mean that you should do it; by opting to focus on the facility service quality, like timeliness and craftsmanship of work, businesses can avoid these risks.



Outsourced Management of Facilities Management Personnel Ensures Superior Customer Service

The lowest-cost facility services provider might seem like the best option for small and mid-sized businesses, but what exactly do the lowest-cost contracts offer? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they include handyman services?
  • Is energy management included?
  • Can they handle new construction and project management?
  • Can they manage equipment repair and rentals, as well as emergency services?
  • What about maintenance of expensive systems, like the lighting and HVAC, refrigeration, and mechanical systems?

By outsourcing the process to the quality facility service provider, businesses are buying into their experience, skill set and dedication, as well as ability to handle vendor vetting and management processes, to provide the best service possible. Think about it: facility service providers have an interest in keeping your customers and your team happy. If you are being forced to complete advanced and preventative maintenance tasks yourself, then where does the real value come in? Businesses must focus on quality over cost in facilities management.

Dedicated Companies Have the Buying Power to Use the Latest Technologies for Facilities Management

Dedicated and experienced companies also have the buying power to use the latest technologies for facilities management. This can range from energy management and reduction to computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), reducing delays between problem identification, regardless of if it’s a minor issue or a full-scale disaster, and resolution. When used in tandem with the asset management playbook, quality service providers automate business rules and simplify decision-making. Since the entire process relies on data, business owners and Facilities Managers can focus more on customer service and other core competencies.

Facility Service Quality Solutions Drive Brand Value, Enhancing Scalability and Profitability Simultaneously

While outsourcing provides a turnkey facilities management solution for multisite portfolios, Facilities Managers must use providers focused on quality facility services, not just cost of service. In fact, companies focused on providing quality solutions will drive brand value, reduce disruptions, enhance scalability, and increase profitability. This means your profit margins will increase, effectively reducing the costs without reducing quality.