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Understanding Your Facility’s Energy Behavior

The concept of doing more with less. Sounds great, but Facilities Managers that do not understand basic facilities needs and asset condition are ill-equipped to handle sudden changes in the status quo. Facilities Managers must understand their facility’s energy behavior to see actual savings and improve the efficiency of assets. Of course, understanding the facilities and energy behavior implies the need to collect data and know how to leverage a properly.

Poor Visibility in Facility’s Energy Behavior Leads to Higher Costs

Efficiency in facilities is impossible without a level of accountability in the energy use of your assets, explains Bert Valdman of Facility Executive. This is among the most fundamental principles in modern facilities management. Accountability in energy use allows Facilities Managers to understand energy consumption, average runtime and other factors affecting asset performance. Poor visibility into facility’s energy behavior will result in poor decisions and added costs.

Advanced, “Smart” Tools Enable Visibility Into Energy Use

Before thinking about how to improve your facilities and energy behavior, Facilities Managers need to start by collecting information about energy use, assets, and maintenance. The energy use is associated with the overall activities affecting a given asset. The energy use of an HVAC system is related to the maintenance costs. Proper maintenance means higher costs, but it also maintains a goal of energy efficiency. As a result, Facilities Managers need to start the process by choosing smart sensors that are easy-to-connect to collect data, explains Itamar Roth of Facility Executive,

Best Practices in Learning and Optimizing Facility Energy Behavior

Learning more about your facility’s energy behavior is easy with the right sensors and the ability to capture useful information. So, it is important for Facilities Managers to take a few considerations when selecting smart sensors and collecting such data. As explained by Diane Moss of Facility Executive, some of these considerations include.

  • Space Utilization of Smart Sensors.
  • Determine Energy-Savings Achieved Through Retrofitting.
  • Review Safety and Security Improvements of Smart Sensors.
  • Connect Smart Sensors and Facilities Management Systems to Improve Collaboration.
  • Train Team Members on How to Use and Access New Systems.
  • Identify Changes Capable of Improving Energy Use.
  • Enact Changes and Review Improvements.
  • Determine Additional Sources of Information for Use.
  • Implement a Preventative Maintenance Program.

Create Value Through Data Today

The best-laid plans for process improvement require a commitment to understand and recover energy costs and maintenance spend, which will lead to better capital planning and efficiency in your organization. Instead of merely hoping facility assets continue to function, ensure their functionality by creating value through actionable data and implement a smart building solution to effectively track and manage energy behaviors and maintenance costs. Find out how by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 now.