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From Cost Center to Profit Center: EMaaS and Managed Services

EMaaS and managed service make the single pane of glass possible and transform facilities management from a cost center to profit center in four fundamental ways.

Deploying the right energy Management system and process can meet healthy profit margins for your business, but you can transform facilities management from a cost center to a profit center by taking a few, simple steps. Use these tips to leverage energy management-as-a-service (EMaaS) and managed services, such as ENTOUCH.360, to attain better returns and save money across the organization.

The Single Pane of Glass in EMaaS and Managed Services Makes Data Easy to Access and Leverage

Successful Integration is the first step in transforming facilities management from a cost center to profit center. It is also essential to leverage the single-pain-of-glass methodology in facilities management. Integration brings smart sensors that do not routinely communicate with one another together in a central data interface, such as ENTOUCH.one. Also, integration makes data accessible and meaningful to users across your distributed facilities management team, so end-users, regardless of their location or assignments to a given facility, can readlly access information from across the scope of your enterprise.

Connecting Repair & Maintenance (R&M) to the Energy Management System Is Key

Speaking of connectivity between systems, maintenance systems, such as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), must be connected to your energy management system and vice versa. The connection between the EMS and CMMS ensures work orders correspond to needs identified by your EMS or other smart building solution. Since integration between the system exists, facilities managers can streamline facility management operations between systems and ensure work orders and different maintenance needs correspond to the needs identified by the smart building system.


Are Facilities Management Decisions Based on Savings or Customer Service?

Transforming facilities management from a cost center to profit center might seem like it focuses solely on money, but this transformation is more about improving the customer experience. Providing a better customer experience results in better profitability and accountability throughout your organization, which should increase sales. In a sense, facilities management is driven by both customer experience and financial needs, but by focusing on the customer experiences, facilities managers can drive value and reach higher profit margins simultaneously, reducing the actual costs associated with facilities management in the first place.

Too Much Data Can Be Overwhelming

There is a problem with collecting too much data in facilities management. Everything generates and creates data in the modern era, and this data needs to go somewhere. Simply trying to look at the general scope of data will lead facilities managers to an island of confusion and self-doubt. However, the right processes to come through and drive insights from this data, otherwise known as analytics, can reduce this problem. In turn, facilities managers can do more with less and reduce the burden and workload associated with managing multi-site facilities and adhering to stakeholders’ expectations.

Let Managed Services Transform Your Facilities Management Goals Today

Both energy management as a service and managed services can help struggling facilities management departments gain control over existing processes, integrated systems and make use of big data in your facility. Rather than leaving it up to chance, consider partnering with ENTOUCH to streamline the process and reduce your risk of error. In turn, you can transform facilities management from a cost center to profit center and simplify your responsibilities as a facility manager. Visit ENTOUCH online, or call 1 (800) 820-3511.