WEBINAR: IoT Smart Building Solutions for CRE and an Enhanced Tenant Experience | June 29 - 2-3pm CDT
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ENTOUCH For Hospitality

Cut Cost, Increase Profits and Improve Guest Comfort with ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

ENTOUCH makes managing hospitality facilities easier by providing smart building solutions in the form of managed services to multi-site hospitality firms across North America.

Our integrated, cloud-based software and technology, combined with 24/7 advisory services, render a 360° view of your combined hotel, motel and restaurant facility ecosystem, fueling real-time decisions that reduce energy cost, increase profitability, establish operational consistency, support safe food services, extend asset life and create a more comfortable atmosphere for facility guests and employees.

Best yet, our proven track record serving hospitality enterprises means we understand your facility needs going in, ensuring the shortest distance between you and bottom line results.

Real-time Decision Input

With ENTOUCH you have access to real-time tracking and reporting, with automated messaging and alerts on your HVAC, lighting and refrigeration equipment for reduced energy consumption and maintenance issues.

Simplified Capital Planning & Asset Management

Energy and maintenance are two of the top operating costs for multi-site building operators. ENTOUCH connects the assets and equipment in your buildings’ for better life-cycle management and easier budgeting and capital planning.

A Platform for Profitability

ENTOUCH gives you a platform for profitability, enabling smart building control & connectivity to transform facilities into highly efficient and productive workspaces for increased employee retention, better customer satisfaction and rapid ROI, with energy costs savings up to 35% annually.