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How Corporate Property Managers Improve Service for Facility Manager Clients Through Technology

The world economy depends on corporate real estate (CRE) providers and property managers for affordable spaces to provide services and goods to their clients. Remember the keyword is affordable. Therefore, you need to improve service and cut your overhead costs wherever possible, creating a pleasing and affordable place for businesses to thrive. Consider these ways a CRE provide can improve service for a facility manager and improve their property value simultaneously.

New Tech Is Compatible With Existing Systems

Do you remember when finding a smartphone charger at big box retailers meant digging through dozens, if not hundreds, of potential adapters and cords? Well, like smartphone manufacturers moving toward universal, microUSB connections, today’s thermostats and facilities management systems have grown universal. In other words, technicians can install sensors within existing equipment, leveraging the power of the Internet of Things while leaving your working, good-condition equipment intact. These systems can also identify equipment in need of repair following implementation and analysis.


Real-World Ways to Augment Customer Service

Keeping your clients happy depends on having a strong measure of your team’s customer service skills, but metrics are a major part of the equation too. You need to know how many complaints are coming in, how quickly they are addressed and how occupancy compares to vacancies. Tracking these key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential to improving customer service and gaining the most from your CRE venture.

For example, motion-activated systems can turn on systems automatically in zone-specific areas when a person enters the facility, eliminating costs of system-wide activation for minimal occupancy rates.

Data and Automation Increase Personalization of Service

The world of CRE relies on personalization of service. Your clients are trying to turn a profit, and their customers depend on enjoyable environments and realistic, reasonable prices. However, they can only achieve these goals by having reasonable expectations for CRE property managers, including low costs associated with your property, such as energy consumption costs.

Modern technology increases personalization of service by reducing your costs, which is passed along to your customers—the clients renting or purchasing your property. Some clients may prefer different climates than others, but finding that happy medium can be easier when environmental controls are automated, reducing interruptions in service too, explains Andrew Meyers of FacilitiesNet. Also, data can be leveraged to educate clients on how their actions translate into costs or savings in both long-term and short-term outlooks. Thus, each client’s needs can be met while still meeting overarching CRE demands.

System-wide Small Energy Savings Lead to BIG Money

Technology and smart sensors in CRE are about more than just tracking overall energy costs. By developing KPIs for whole and partial energy consumption in all areas of property, facility managers can achieve significant cost savings among things that do not require much energy to operate. For example, by knowing the per-camera cost in a security system can lead to stakeholder support for the installation of motion-activated security systems. Even low-energy devices, including those powered by batteries, can connect to the internet and lead to big money across an enterprise.

Data-Driven Performance Review Ensures Workforce Effectiveness and Skill

Tenant and employee health and concerns should be among your top priorities. Today’s technology ensures your CRE amenities are available and ready for use by your tenants. Furthermore, insights gleaned from these systems can help identify chronic violators of CRE rules or requirements and how to address them, asserts Susan Airst. In the case of an eviction, having proof of your rationale may be essential to obtaining costs associated with eviction or in the case of possible court proceedings.

CRE Property Managers Leverage Technology for a Better Future

Technology brings disparate systems together and gives CRE managers more information for use in everyday decisions that result in savings and empowerment across an enterprise’s properties. Take control of your facility and give your team the tools and resources.