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How Does a Software-Enabled Platform for Facilities Management Improve and Automate Asset Optimization?

Software-enabled platforms outpace in-house facilities management processes to derive value and self-sufficiency.

The rise of newer facilities management methodologies, including the use of a single pane of glass methodology, have the potential to greatly improve and automate traditional processes. Yet, the level of integration and compatibility required to truly automate facilities management activities demands the use of a software-enabled platform for facilities management, such as an energy management-as-a-service platform. Let’s take a closer look at how a software-enabled platform benefits facilities management.

A Software-Enabled Platform Brings Relevant Information Forward

Having the right information to make informed decisions is integral to successful facilities management, and a software-enabled platform in facilities management leverages the power of advanced technologies to proactively identify the most pertinent information and present it to a facility manager. Thus, they can have the necessary information to make decisions that benefit the overall welfare and efficiency of existing assets.


Software-Enabled Platforms Helps Facility Managers Recognize Proactive Maintenance Opportunities

The ability to clearly identify and prioritize items in need of repair, replacement or optimization also contributes directly to the creation and support of a proactive maintenance schedule. Software-enabled platforms can leverage both historic and predictive analytics to generate an ongoing proactive maintenance schedule, including recognizing opportunities where proactive maintenance will likely yield better results than previously believed.

Deep Learning Lets Software-Enabled Platforms Self-Optimize and Self-Manage Assets

Machine-to-machine learning and deep learning within artificial intelligence is a key characteristic of software-enabled platforms. Such platforms have the capacity to cross-reference millions of data points and self-manage use of resources to improve and maximize asset life expectancy. For facilities managers of multi-site portfolios, the ability to self-manage and self-optimize assets saves countless hours and reduces overall facilities management spend.

Additionally, software-enabled platforms communicate seamlessly through the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows the entire process to grow smarter, more efficient and more effective. Therefore, the overall amount of work required on the part of the facility manager decreases, and facility managers can focus on more customer-centric activities and their distributed portfolios.

Automation Leads to Faster Response and Lower Risk

Automation powered by a software-enabled platform in facilities management reduces delays between problem development, reporting and responsiveness. As a result, this lowers the overall risk present in routine facilities management operations, explains FacilitiesNet.

For example, automation in software-enabled platforms can control temperature and lighting settings throughout multiple facilities. If the facility houses combustible gases or substances, keeping the right temperature setting can amount to preventing explosions and maintaining the safety and security of the facility.

Let a Software-Enabled Platform for Facilities Management Do the Work for You

By taking the time to implement software-enabled solutions, facilities managers can do more with less, find more time to focus on customer service, gain stakeholder support and more. Rather than trying to leave your systems running without technology and automation, invest in a software-enabled and integration-ready platform, like ENTOUCH.one, to automate and boost your asset and facilities management processes. Get started with your software-enabled platform by contacting ENTOUCH online today.