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How Restaurant Operators Can Leverage ENERGY STAR for Savings: Part II

Whether you’re serving korean tacos or greasy burgers, energy is one of the most volatile expenses to manage within the facilities enterprise. In part I of our ENERGY STAR kitchen equipment blog series, we provided the rate of savings for using ENERGY STAR approved refrigerators and freezers, ice makers, steam cookers, and fryers. In part II, we’ll cover additonal varieties of ENERGY STAR approved kitchen equipment restaurant operators should consider to reduce the usage of electricity and increase profit margins. 

Combination Ovens

Installing an ENERGY STAR certified combination oven is a responsible financial decision considering it’s 30% more efficient than non-certified ovens. The right combination oven can save you $250 in gas or $740 in electricity annually depending on the energy usage model. Over the lifetime of the combination oven, you could save $2,500 in gas or $7,300 in electricity. Want to save even more? Reduce the oven’s idle time by 2 hours per day for a savings of up to $800 annually.

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Convection Ovens

Want to cook your food faster? A convection oven will do the trick. Want one that can save you money? Purchase an ENERGY STAR certified convection oven which tends to be 15% more efficient compared to non-certified convection ovens. This will lead to savings of approximately $70 in electricity or $165 in gas annually. Over the lifetime of this piece of ENERGY STAR kitchen equipment, you can see upwards of $660 in electricity or $1,700 in gas savings.


Handling the brunt of your restaurant’s cooking needs, the griddle is a very common piece of equipment that is likely critical to your menu. ENERGY STAR certified griddles tend to be 10% more energy efficient compared to standard models. However, there are major variations in terms of production capacity and temperature uniformity so do your homework when making a selection. If you choose correctly, you can see $100 in gas or $130 in electricity savings per year. Over the lifetime of the griddle, you may achieve $1,100 in gas or $1,300 in electricity savings.



Want to save an estimated $250 annually with a gas griddle? Knock off 3 hours of idle time per day when things are slow. In addition, maintain the equipment by calibrating the controls to operate at the correct temperatures. Speaking of controls, when a knob falls off don’t forget to replace it or you’ll be in the dark about how hot your griddle is operating.

Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Hot food needs to stay hot, and hot food holding cabinets are designed for just this. An ENERGY STAR approved cabinet typically tends to be 70% more efficient compared to standard models. This can lead to savings of $310 annually. Over a lifetime, you can expect upwards of $3,000 in savings. Want to save more? Turn off the cabinet when your business is closed for an added $650 in savings per year.

Be smart, be sustainabile and save operating costs using ENERGY STAR certified kitchen equipment! Build this into your operating philosophy and you’ll see the ROI build month-over-month, ultimately increasing your margins annually. In part 3 of our ENERGY STAR certified kitchen equipment blog series, we’ll cover additonal pieces of equipment that will boost your bottom line. Until then, bon appetite!