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How the Single Pane of Glass Shapes Brand/Product Perceptions Thru Effective Energy Management

Using the single pane of glass, Facilities Managers can renew visibility and build brand value through comprehensive energy management.

Brand value is based on how consumers, employees and other organizations view your organization and its products. In the modern world, watchdog groups and sustainability initiatives expect socially responsible organizations to implement effective energy management programs. However, the scale of some enterprises, as well as the age of its assets, may result in using multiple systems to achieve this feat. However, the single pane of glass approach to facilities management can be used to enhance brand value and achieve effective energy management, further enabling the creation of a preventative maintenance program, reports AkitaBox.

Effective Energy Management and a Single Pane of Glass Entice Consumers to Continue Shopping in Your Facility

Take a moment to think about what consumers want. Among millennials, the fastest-growing group of consumers in history, their wants are not solely focused on cost. Millennials want to shop with eco-conscious companies, which means your company needs an effective energy management program in place to attract consumers. According to CNBC, up to 66 percent of millennials are willing to pay a premium for goods and services that are produced or provided by eco-conscious companies, exercising sustainable practices.

On the surface, any company can claim to use sustainable practices, but it is ethically and morally wrong for a company to tout sustainable practices without providing proof to the public. Millennials and today shoppers will want to see proof of sustainable practices being used and implemented in your facility. Instead of using multiple programs to track such initiatives, companies can deploy a single pane of glass solution to provide one-stop energy management.

Brand Value Is Only as Good as Your Actions

Part of the reason and push toward the single pane of glass lies in a simple concept; the brand’s actions limit the brand value. If 99 of 100 stores have implemented effective energy management programs, it is a good start. The one remaining store could be the downfall of the entire dynasty if it’s subpar sustainability practices become the target of watchdog groups and circulate endlessly on social media.

A Single Pane of Glass Reduces Organizational Silos in Your Company, Building Trust and Confidence Between the C-Suite and Facilities Management Department

Using the single pane of glass is also an excellent way to reduce organizational silos within your company and improve visibility into your organization. Since the single pane of glass relies on a centralized platform for all management activities and practices, it enables better collaboration and communication among all employees, which helps build trust and confidence between the C-Suite and facilities management department as well.

Additionally, using a single pane of class is critical to creating and driving the greatest savings and insights from analytics and using big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in your organization. The applications of the single pane of glass can also extend to combine in traditional with modern security systems to ease concerns for owners, tenants and building occupants, reports Deloitte.

Enhance Brand Value Through Centralized, Effective Energy Management Now

Centralized facilities management has enormous potential for enhancing facilities management processes and reducing risk in your organization. Find out how your organization can take advantage of a centralized, effective energy management portal, the single pane of class, through smart building solutions. Contact ENTOUCH online or by calling 1-800-820-3511.