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How to monitor power consumption with a thermostat

Can you monitor power consumption and external KW loads with your thermostat?

Let Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee, show you how easily this can be done with the EnTouch One Energy Management System.

The EnTouch One Energy Management System has been specifically designed for use in multi-site commercial facilities. In addition to having the ability to monitor an entire facilities energy use in real-time, advanced control and functionality has been engineered right into the actual thermostat by our team of in-house engineers. This reduces unneeded vacancy runtime of HVAC and lighting systems allowing your enterprise to minimize energy waste and increase profits.
entouch wifi thermostat monitor power consumption

A few of the advanced features of the EnTouch One Energy Management System include:

  • Security Features to limit or lock-down local control of temperatures and schedules
  • HVAC System Sequencing to reduce energy spikes and stress on your systems
  • Advanced Dehumidification removes moisture from the conditioned air while still saving energy
  • Peak Reduction reduces the maximum amount of current used at any point in time
  • Automatic Maintenance Reminders and Alerts let you know of potential equipment issues
  • Remote Access from the web or mobile apps let you control all facilities from anywhere
  • Astronomical Scheduling enables scheduling based on daily sunrise/set times
  • Global Scheduling allows you to push schedule changes to multiple thermostats with one action
  • The EnTouch One system also allows you to control lighting systems, monitor refrigeration temperatures, water and gas usage in addition to energy usage.

The EnTouch system is a best-in-class energy management hardware platform for businesses, but hardware isn’t all you get with EnTouch.

Introducing Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

EnTouch is the only company that offers a true energy management as a service option — an actual end-to-end intelligent energy management solution. We manufacture and install our own equipment and software. We collect data about your energy use at each of your sites, monitor and analyze the performance of your facilities, and work with you to execute an operating strategy that fits your business and satisfies your customers. Experts in our command center monitor your facilities 24x7x365, even when your shops are closed. Each EMaaS customer is also assigned an account manager to coordinate energy management in their facility including alert monitoring, system setup, schedule snd setting changes, and monthly performance reporting.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for our Risk-Free Assessment. EnTouch experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your facilities, energy challenges, recent utility expenses, and other factors, and identify where and how you can use energy more efficiently. Our no-obligation analysis also includes projected savings on energy costs.