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How to Retrofit Facilities for Analytics-Based Service Without the Stress

The decision to embrace advisory services, smart building solutions and analytics can be implement easily efficiently and with less stress.

Analytics can help Facilities Managers meet the increasing demands of customers, reduce facilities spend, and keep stakeholders happy. Unfortunately, the path to analytics includes the need to retrofit facilities, and Facilities Managers lack the time and resources to achieve this feat. Instead of throwing in the towel, managers should take the time to understand the possibilities, benefits, and best practices to a successful, less-expensive, and thorough retrofit, without the stress, of course.

Why Do Facilities Managers Stress Over Analytics for Facilities?

Reliable facility data is the most important component of any predictive, preventative maintenance program. Making this data readily accessible and easily transferable, i.e. putting data-driven KPIs in team member dashboards, reflects additional challenges in capturing and using facility data, asserts FacilitiesNet. This results in added strain over the use of new technologies in facilities for analytics. Since the Facility Management budget is under constant scrutiny, Facilities Managers may simply want to avoid it entirely. Yet, retrofitting facilities for analytics unlocks the secrets to better Facilities Management.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Facilities for Analytics Use

The benefits of deploying analytics are extensive. Analytics helps Facilities Managers assess non-value-added activities, like the HVAC system health, but the possibilities are even more astounding. Applied correctly, analytics can effectively push HVAC system energy consumption to record-low levels by identifying ways to leverage natural heating and cooling throughout the day, reducing heat flows, and improving guest experiences along the way. The ultimate goal of analytics is continuous improvement of facilities processes, but they begin with an understanding of facility data.

How to Effectively Retrofit Facilities in 10 Easy Steps

There was a time when a facility retrofit included tearing out the walls and adding mile upon mile of wiring. That has changed in the wireless age. Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), today’s facilities can be outfitted with smart wireless sensors and system controls for virtually every system, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sewage, lighting, and even complimentary guest services, such as free wireless internet.

Facilities Managers interested in retrofitting a facility should follow these 10 tips to effectively reduce delays and ensure success:

  1. Conduct a facility condition assessment.
  2. Gather utility-related information, contracts, and bills.
  3. Gather all SLAs (service level agreements) and contractual details for service technicians.
  4. Identify compatibility of existing CMMS and FM systems with new technology.
  5. Gain Executive-Level support for analytics.
  6. Make information easy to understand and explain plans to team members.
  7. Use the Internet of Things (IoT) to retrofit assets.
  8. Bring the system online.
  9. Outsource energy management with a well-known platform, like ENTOUCH.360.
  10. Let a third-party manage the entire process.

Begin Your Retrofit of Facilities for Analytics and Insights Now

By following these tips, Facilities Managers can restructure a facility retrofit to minimize disruptions and gain real-time visibility into facility assets. ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions along with dedicated advisory services can retrofit your facility in a fraction of the time and gain invaluable insight into facilities for analytics purposes. As a result, Facilities Managers can continue operating their facilities and dramatically reduce the time to implementation. Let us handle the stress and work of the entire retrofit process today by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 now.