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Convenience Store

Extend Your Value Using Our Convenience Store Energy Management Solutions

OCTANE Series – Architected for the dynamic needs of the convenience store market

The OCTANE series offers a preconfigured yet fully customizable suite of energy management system tools designed to drive energy efficiency and operational savings for multisite convenience store operators. We realize margins are important to convenience stores, and reducing your operational spending is a priority.

The ENTOUCH OCTANE series focuses on five critical areas required by convenience store operators.

  1. Provide insight into existing equipment
  2. Provide reporting to help predict when issues will occur to repair before failure
  3. Drive reductions in utility spend through optimization of energy, water, and waste management pick-up.
  4. Ensure the store can support the customer’s needs with well-maintained products
  5. Reduce the reliance on local staff to ensure the equipment is functioning as expected

Available in three grades: OCTANE 87, OCTANE 89, and OCTANE 93. Each of the series provides EMS solutions based on the complexity of need. OCTANE 87 introduces primary EMS and operational solutions, while OCTANE 89 and OCTANE 93 expand the solution covering foodservice, car wash, and trash monitoring.

Since convenience stores run 24 X 7, we stand ready to serve as your ‘always open’ partner. As a result, our convenience store customers enjoy strong results with an average payback of approximately 1.5 years, 150% 5-Year ROI, and more than 6% kWh reduction with our basic OCTANE 87 solution.

ENTOUCH reduces your operating expense in your multisite convenience store locations by providing IoT facility management technology across North America.

Zero friction, fast deployment, zero capital down, and definite results.

On the surface, your operational goals include reducing energy consumption and increasing your company revenue. The operational plan lies in using data to support your convenience store operations to gain a faster positive return on investment. There are thousands of possible data points to track energy management and build an operational plan of excellence to ensure HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, water, and food preparation systems are managed efficiently. Our higher-octane solutions focus on operational excellence and safety reassurance. The 89 OCTANE solution includes peak energy management, lighting controls, CO2 detection, and refrigeration optimization. While the 93 OCTANE level monitors hot food safety, methane gases, freon leak detection, water usage, and detection, including carwashes, waste management levels, and expanded equipment health for refrigeration and fuel pumps. Still, your priority is the customers you are serving; while leaving ENTOUCH to reduce and manage your energy consumption and remotely keep health checks on your operations.

Our proven track record serving convenience stores means we know your facility requirements, ensuring the shortest distance between you and bottom-line results.

Unparalleled ROI with OCTANE