A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

Extend Your Control Using Our Retail Energy Management Solutions

Our retail clients experience strong results with an average payback of 1.5 years ,  245% 5-Year ROI and 16.4% kWh reduction.

ENTOUCH reduces your operating expense in your multisite retail locations by providing IoT facility management technology across North America.

Since “retail is detail,” we stand ready to serve as your partner. Your HVAC systems represent a manageable high operational cost. The concept of energy management is simple: monitor everything, define set targets for standardization and act on information to reduce overall cost while driving customer and associate comfort.

Zero friction, fast deployment, and proven results.

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On the surface, operational goals include reducing energy consumption and increasing your company revenue. The operational plan lies in using data to support your retail operations to gain a faster positive return on investment. There are thousands of possible data points to track energy management in retail facilities to ensure HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and water systems work correctly. Still, your priority is the customers you’re serving while leaving ENTOUCH to reduce and manage your energy consumption.

Our proven track record serving retail stores means we know your facility requirements, ensuring the shortest distance between you and bottom-line results.

Top Concerns for Retail

Case Studies

Reduces Energy Consumption By More Than 20% Saving More Than $4.4M Annually

Print and Ship provider has 1,600 locations in North America and serves businesses and individuals. In 2017, the company wanted to implement a sustainability plan that would reduce energy consumption, improve facility visibility, increase asset life, and lower maintenance expenses at its stores, allowing it to apply savings to the bottom line.
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Savings 10% of HVAC energy usage while gaining equipment visibility

“Within our Facilities Management Group, the value of ENTOUCH is greater than we anticipated. We now have visibility into each RTU, not a general overview of our HVAC at each location. We know when a unit begins to underperform and can take repair level action instead of replacing a unit.“
Our North American Discount Retailer, was planning another 700 location expansion and knew they needed to get their energy consumption under control and reduce its carbon footprint.
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Consolidating retail locations, distribution centers and corporate office provides visibility to our total energy consumption

“Our facilities’ carbon footprint is driven by three main sources: our stores, distribution centers, and headquarters. In 2017, we made upgrades to HVAC systems, lighting systems, and Energy Management Systems, and began a partnership with ENTOUCH, the industry-leader of dynamic smart building solutions, to reduce our footprint.”
This North American retailer with distribution centers in the United States and Canada is a prime example of how energy management can significantly reduce operational costs. After reviewing many energy management programs focused on reducing energy consumption, improving operational efficiency, and achieving sustainability goals, the retailer realized ENTOUCH would deliver! Additionally, they would improve their ability to target capital investments in equipment.
Read their challenge and solution here

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