A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

Improve Comfort, Compliance, and Control with our Senior Living Energy Management Solutions

Our senior community clients enjoy good results with an average payback of 1.4 years, 284% 5-Year ROI, and 16% kWh reduction.

ENTOUCH minimizes your operating expense in your multisite senior community locations by providing intelligent facility management technology across North America.

ENTOUCH understands that senior communities have specific needs, and we meet and often exceed senior care comfort guidelines for centers. We realize different setpoints and schedules may make sense based on community activities, and we can help assess usage times and comfort levels with you.

We bring a wealth of knowledge from the casual dining restaurant sector to ensure health and safety for dining areas with kitchens. Our expertise in healthcare, fitness and childcare centers lets us leverage success quickly. In short, we understand the details behind managing your senior communities.

Zero friction, fast deployment, and proven results.


On the surface, operational goals include reducing energy consumption and increasing your company revenue. The operational plan lies in using data to support your community operations to gain a faster positive return on investment. There are thousands of possible data points to track energy management to ensure HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and water systems are working effectively. Still, your priority is the residents you’re serving while leaving ENTOUCH to reduce and manage your energy consumption.

Our proven track record in senior communities means we know your business requirements, ensuring the shortest distance between you and bottom-line results.

Top Concerns for Senior Communities

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about ENTOUCH.one

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