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The Facility Managers’ Guide to Facility Budget Management

Facility budget management is among the most complex processes today’s Facilities Managers face. It is much more than an annual review of needs and allocation of funds. Depending on company...
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How Senior Living Facilities Management Affects Senior Housing Residents and Their Well Being

Senior living facilities management faces higher risks and increased scrutiny by both seniors and their family members. A robust facilities maintenance program is essential to maintaining senior health and mobility...
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What Is Life Cycle Costing in Facilities Management?

Managing multi-site portfolios, taking care of customers, and handling day-to-day operations, not to mention the stress in planning budgets, can overwhelm any facility manager. However, life cycle costing in facilities...
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Proactive vs. Reactive Facilities Management

How does your organization approach facilities management? If you are unsure about facilities spending or volume of work on the deferred maintenance backlog, you are likely relying on a reactive...
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How Does Poor Facilities Management Affect the Customer Experience?

Poor Facilities Management Linked to Customer Dissatisfaction. In a U.S. Department of Labor study, poor facility cleanliness and quality were associated with an increased dissatisfaction rate among customers. Even minor problems, like variations in custodial...
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The Top 5 Challenges of Traditional Work Order Management and CMMS

Any vendor work order management program will come with challenges, but the challenges of traditional, paper-based work order management processes are extensive, reports Service Channel. However, conventional systems are laden...
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What Is Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics in Energy Management?

Predictive and prescriptive analytics in energy management provide unique benefits and optimize facilities management objectives. Understanding data is key to effective decision-making, and predictive and prescriptive analytics in energy management...
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Smart Facilities Management: Integrated Facilities Management & Smart Buildings

Smart facilities management and integrated systems are among the top buzzwords in facilities management circles. Powered by a host of new technologies, including the Internet of Things, big data analytics...
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Top 4 Challenges in Healthcare Facilities Management?

The world of modern healthcare is changing. New regulations are being enacted, payment models are changing, standard facilities management is starting to include information relating to patient satisfaction and treatment...
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