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Maximizing Efficiency: Top Benefits of Building Energy Management Systems

Jul 04, 2024

Facility managers and decision-makers are often tasked with improving energy performance and reducing costs, but what are the key benefits of building energy management systems (BEMS) that make them worth considering?

A BEMS can provide enhanced control over energy consumption, contribute to significant financial savings, and support the pursuit of sustainability, all without overwhelming complexity. We’ll take a closer look at these advantages to help you understand why a BEMS might be the right choice for your building or organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Building energy management systems (BEMS) leverage smart IoT technology to provide real-time energy consumption data, enabling increased energy efficiency and the pursuit of sustainability goals.
  • Implementing a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) like the solutions provided by ENTOUCH can lead to substantial reductions in energy and maintenance costs. Specifically, ENTOUCH’s system achieves an average 5-year return on investment (ROI) of 253% and facilitates a 16.4% reduction in kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.
  • BEMS supports environmental responsibility through reduced carbon emissions, compliance with green regulations, and aligning with certifications such as LEED and ENERGY STAR.
  • BEMS provides advanced energy monitoring capabilities, offering real-time insights and data to optimize energy usage.

Harnessing Smart Technology for Energy Conservation

Building energy management systems (BEMS) are innovative tools in the pursuit of reduced energy consumption and better building management. These systems, also known as energy management solutions, are an amalgamation of software and hardware designed to monitor, control, and optimize the energy use within buildings.

BEMS integrates smart IoT technologies to provide real-time insights into energy systems, thereby improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainability.

Real-Time Monitoring with ENTOUCH Solutions

ENTOUCH's Energy Management System (EMS) excels in providing advanced real-time monitoring capabilities that significantly enhance facility management across multiple sites. Here are some detailed advantages of using ENTOUCH’s EMS:

  • Granular, Real-Time Data: ENTOUCH systems offer precise, real-time information on energy consumption, allowing facility managers to see exactly where and how energy is being used at any moment.
  • Precise Control Over HVAC and Other Systems: With specific hardware for managing HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and more, ENTOUCH ensures that all systems operate optimally, minimizing energy waste.
  • Proactive Energy Management: ENTOUCH’s approach includes advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics that anticipate and address potential issues before they become costly problems, fostering a proactive rather than reactive management style.
  • Cloud-Based Facility Management Technology: ENTOUCH.cloud turns raw data into actionable insights, enabling managers to make informed decisions from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and response times.
  • Remote Access: Facility managers can monitor and control systems remotely via the ENTOUCH.360 customer portal, which offers real-time and historical data, alert settings, and system management tools.
  • Unusual Activity Alerts: The system automatically detects and alerts managers to unusual patterns that could indicate issues or inefficiencies, facilitating swift corrective actions.
  • Advanced Energy Analytics: With machine learning algorithms, ENTOUCH provides deeper insights into energy consumption patterns, helping to further optimize energy usage and reduce costs.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Beyond simple conservation, AI and machine learning-powered BEMS like ENTOUCH enhance operational efficiency through intelligent energy optimization. These systems not only adjust energy usage based on real-time data but also predict future needs to maintain efficiency and performance. By optimizing energy usage patterns, ENTOUCH not only generates cost savings but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility. This intelligent management supports less intrusive maintenance, fewer disruptions, and a smoother operation of business activities.

Achieving Sustainability Goals

ENTOUCH’s EMS offers the following benefits:

  • Significantly cuts down a building’s carbon footprint
  • Aligns with green building standards
  • Encourages sustainable energy practices
  • Optimizes energy consumption across various systems
  • Contributes to a more sustainable future with reduced environmental impact

Cutting Costs through Intelligent Energy Management

When implemented correctly, a BEMS can lead to energy cost reduction by up to 30%, resulting in significant energy savings and cost savings. This financial benefit is not just a short-term gain but a long-term investment in improved energy efficiency that pays for itself, often within a few years.

Energy Cost Savings with EMaaS

ENTOUCH's Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) stands out for its ability to stabilize and predict energy expenses while ensuring a swift return on investment (ROI). This system leverages ENTOUCH’s advanced IoT technology to monitor and manage energy consumption meticulously, enabling businesses to achieve predictable budgeting in their energy costs. By integrating EMaaS, facilities benefit from a systematic approach to energy management that ensures continuous optimization and cost efficiency.

Reducing Maintenance Expenses

Beyond the direct reduction of energy costs, BEMS like ENTOUCH’s solutions offer multiple maintenance advantages that contribute to overall operational savings:

  • Significantly Lower Maintenance Expenses: By continuously monitoring system performance and utilizing predictive analytics, ENTOUCH helps reduce the frequency and severity of maintenance issues.
  • Insights into Equipment Performance: Real-time monitoring provides detailed insights into the performance of HVAC, lighting, and other critical systems, enabling facility managers to optimize their operation and efficiency.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, ENTOUCH predicts potential system failures before they occur, allowing for preemptive maintenance that avoids costly emergency repairs.
  • Avoiding Costly Breakdowns: Through advanced diagnostics and alerts, facility managers can address minor issues before they escalate into major system failures, thus avoiding expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Extending the Lifespan of Building Systems: Consistent maintenance and optimized performance lead to less wear and tear, significantly extending the operational lifespan of the building’s critical systems.

Integrating Flexibility in Financing and Implementation

BEMS, with its flexible financing options and smooth integration capabilities, are becoming more approachable to businesses of various sizes, offering diverse energy management strategies.

Customizable Solutions for Every Business

ENTOUCH excels in providing customized financial solutions that cater to the unique demands of different businesses. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that may find upfront investments challenging. ENTOUCH offers options such as purchasing devices outright or opting for a manageable monthly rental. 

The scalability of ENTOUCH's cloud-based management systems further enhances their adaptability. Whether a business operates a single site or manages multiple locations across geographies, ENTOUCH's solutions can be tailored to fit. The ENTOUCH.cloud platform integrates various control systems into a unified management portal, allowing for streamlined monitoring and management of energy usage from any location.

Additionally, the rapid deployment capabilities of ENTOUCH systems mean that businesses can start realizing energy savings almost immediately. Most installations are non-disruptive and completed within a day, ensuring there is no business interruption. This smooth integration is complemented by ENTOUCH's commitment to providing a high-speed and high-quality deployment process, which is essential for businesses looking to quickly capitalize on energy management benefits without affecting their ongoing operations.

Elevating Environmental Responsibility

BEMS fosters energy sustainability through significant carbon emission reduction and alignment with green regulations, thereby improving environmental compliance and reporting.

Minimizing Carbon Emissions

ENTOUCH’s HVAC systems are instrumental in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. These systems provide real-time monitoring and precise control over energy usage, allowing facility managers to optimize performance and minimize waste. By effectively managing energy consumption, ENTOUCH contributes to a healthier planet and supports corporate sustainability goals.

Complying with Green Regulations

BEMS, such as those from ENTOUCH, assist building owners in:

  • Adhering to energy regulations
  • Securing green building certifications like LEED or ENERGY STAR
  • Providing detailed energy usage data
  • Control over energy-consuming systems

ENTOUCH's Seven-Step Process for Energy Management

ENTOUCH’s methodical seven-step process for efficient energy management guarantees a comprehensive energy management framework, from the initial deployment stage to the final optimization of the energy management system, offering ongoing support and the ability to adapt to changes in energy management tasks, all while helping you manage energy consumption effectively.

Assessment and Planning

The foundation of an effective BEMS lies in a detailed energy audit and customized planning. ENTOUCH begins with a comprehensive assessment of your facility’s energy usage patterns. This step involves identifying inefficiencies and establishing a tailored plan to address specific energy management needs. Personalized planning ensures that the solutions implemented are perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of each facility.

Installation and Integration

ENTOUCH’s BEMS are designed for seamless integration with existing systems and third-party infrastructure. The installation process is rapid and non-disruptive, typically completed within a day. This ensures minimal interruption to daily operations. ENTOUCH’s systems do not require replacing or upgrading existing equipment, which protects your initial investment and simplifies the transition to advanced energy management.

Continuous Optimization and Support

Maintaining peak performance and achieving long-term success in energy management requires ongoing optimization and support. ENTOUCH’s system continuously monitors energy usage and employs predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent potential issues. The ENTOUCH.360 program offers 24x7 monitoring, real-time alerts, and proactive maintenance recommendations, ensuring that the system remains efficient and effective over time. 


In conclusion, BEMS represents a significant leap forward in the intelligent management of energy in commercial buildings, offering undeniable energy management benefits in terms of cost savings, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Building Energy Management System (BEMS)?

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a system that combines software and hardware to monitor, control, and optimize energy usage in buildings through the use of smart technologies.

How does real-time monitoring contribute to energy conservation?

Real-time monitoring contributes to energy conservation by enabling active management of energy-intensive systems, adjusting settings for optimal efficiency and identifying areas of energy waste.

What are the financial benefits of ENTOUCH's EMaaS?

The financial benefits of ENTOUCH's EMaaS include predictable budgeting, quick return on investment (ROI), and significant energy savings. Clients typically see a 16.4% reduction in kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage and a 253% ROI within 1.4 years, reducing both operational and maintenance costs.

How do BEMS contribute to environmental sustainability?

BEMS contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing waste, reducing carbon emissions, supporting compliance with green regulations, and contributing to the achievement of sustainability goals and green certifications.

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