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How to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings - Energy Efficiency Tips

Jul 03, 2024

Energy efficiency in commercial spaces is crucial not only for reducing operational costs but also for promoting environmental sustainability. With the integration of smart technologies and strategic energy management, facilities can experience significant reductions in energy usage. Implementing such measures not only supports sustainability goals but also enhances the profitability of businesses by lowering energy costs.

Businesses looking to cut energy costs and achieve a greener footprint can do so effectively by utilizing energy management systems (EMS). These systems are designed to integrate effortlessly with existing infrastructure, providing real-time data and control that aid in making informed decisions about energy use. By focusing on optimizing systems such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration, ENTOUCH ensures that every adjustment is both energy-efficient and conducive to maintaining an ideal environment for productivity and comfort.

ENTOUCH excels in transforming commercial buildings into efficient entities without the need for extensive equipment upgrades. Our solutions, such as the ENTOUCH, empower facilities with the capability to monitor and manage energy consumption seamlessly. The result is a substantial decrease in energy waste and operational inefficiencies.

Utilize an Energy Management System to achieve real energy savings

An Energy Management System (EMS) serves as a transformative tool for commercial buildings, enabling substantial energy savings through intelligent data integration and operational management. Implementing an EMS allows facilities to adapt and optimize their energy use in real-time, significantly reducing operational costs.

ENTOUCH offers the ENTOUCH.one system, which exemplifies ease of integration with existing systems, ensuring that no new equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded. This system supports a variety of functions including HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration management, all pivotal in achieving energy efficiency. The frictionless implementation process of ENTOUCH systems, often completed within a single day, counters the common concern that EMS installations are complex and disruptive.

For businesses, the benefits of deploying an EMS are clear. It not only cuts down on energy consumption but also provides a strategic advantage by utilizing data analytics for informed decision-making. Businesses can see real-time impacts on energy usage, facilitating quick adjustments that lead to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Energy saving strategies for commercial buildings

Implementing comprehensive energy-saving strategies in commercial buildings is essential for reducing energy costs and enhancing operational efficiency. By focusing on real-time monitoring, smart system integrations, and regular energy audits, facilities can significantly improve their energy management.

ENTOUCH offers a variety of solutions to enhance energy efficiency across multiple systems. Below, you can read about energy-saving strategies you can implement in your commercial facility and how ENTOUCH's solutions integrate with them.

Implement Real-Time Energy Monitoring system

Implementing a Real-Time Energy Monitoring System (EMS) in commercial buildings is a strategic move to gain precise control over energy consumption. These systems provide continuous data on energy usage, enabling facility managers to make informed decisions that lead to significant reductions in energy costs.

ENTOUCH enhances this process with the ENTOUCH.one system, which integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. This system offers detailed analytics on energy consumption, providing insights that drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Facility managers can monitor HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration systems in real-time, adjusting settings to optimize energy use based on actual building occupancy schedules and environmental conditions.

The adoption of such monitoring systems is further supported by ENTOUCH's Machine Learning enhanced analytics, which predicts potential system inefficiencies before they escalate into costly problems. This predictive capability ensures that energy management is proactive rather than reactive, enhancing the overall efficiency of commercial buildings.

Utilize Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are an effective tool for energy savings in commercial buildings, enabling automated and optimized control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. These devices adjust the indoor climate based on real-time data, such as occupancy schedules and weather conditions, which leads to more efficient energy use and reduced operational costs.

ENTOUCH's smart thermostats are designed for seamless integration with existing HVAC systems, enhancing their functionality without the need for costly upgrades. These thermostats provide facility managers with the ability to control temperature settings remotely, ensuring that energy consumption is always aligned with actual needs.

The benefits of using smart thermostats extend beyond simple temperature regulation. By integrating with ENTOUCH.one, these devices contribute to a broader energy management strategy that includes monitoring and adjusting energy use across various systems. This integration helps facilities reduce their energy consumption while maintaining optimal comfort and productivity levels within the building.

HVAC Maintenance or Upgrade 

Regular maintenance and timely upgrades of HVAC systems are critical strategies for enhancing energy efficiency in commercial buildings. These practices not only ensure the optimal performance of heating and cooling systems but also significantly reduce the likelihood of costly breakdowns and energy waste.

ENTOUCH supports this approach with a comprehensive suite of HVAC management tools that integrate with the ENTOUCH.one system. Our solutions facilitate not just monitoring but also proactive maintenance, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This preemptive approach helps to maintain system efficiency and longevity, reducing overall operational costs.

Upgrading to more energy-efficient HVAC models can also result in energy savings. ENTOUCH provides detailed analyses and recommendations tailored to each facility's specific needs, ensuring that upgrades are both financially and operationally viable. These recommendations are supported by sophisticated data analytics, which help quantify potential savings and ROI from upgrades. However, you do not have to upgrade your equipment. The role of an EMS is to save costs without requiring upgrades.

Use Smart Lighting System 

Smart lighting systems are essential components in reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings. These systems optimize lighting based on occupancy and ambient light conditions, automatically adjusting to reduce energy usage while maintaining adequate illumination.

ENTOUCH offers advanced smart lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing building management systems. Our lighting controls are part of the comprehensive ENTOUCH.one platform, which allows for real-time adjustments and monitoring. This integration ensures that lighting is only used when necessary, significantly reducing energy costs.

The benefits of smart lighting extend beyond energy savings. These systems also contribute to a better work environment by providing appropriate lighting that adjusts to the needs of occupants. Additionally, the ease of managing ENTOUCH smart lighting systems means that facility managers can implement changes quickly and efficiently, without disruption to daily operations.

Get Energy-Efficient Appliances and Equipment (or Don't and Choose an EMS Instead)

When considering energy savings in commercial buildings, facility managers often face a choice between investing in individual energy-efficient appliances and equipment or implementing a holistic Energy Management System (EMS). Both strategies offer benefits, but the impact on operational costs and overall energy consumption can vary significantly.

ENTOUCH systems provide an alternative to immediate large-scale replacements of appliances by optimizing the performance of existing equipment. This approach not only defers the need for substantial upfront investments but also enhances the overall efficiency of the facility's energy use.

Comparing the two approaches, energy-efficient appliances provide immediate reductions in energy use and are particularly effective when targeting specific areas of inefficiency. However, an EMS like ENTOUCH offers a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes existing systems but also provides ongoing monitoring and management, ensuring all systems operate at peak efficiency.

Manage water use

Effective water management is crucial for reducing both water consumption and energy costs in commercial buildings. Implementing advanced water management techniques ensures that facilities use water more efficiently, which also contributes to energy savings since water systems are significant energy consumers.

ENTOUCH provides sophisticated water management solutions that include real-time monitoring of water flow and temperature. These systems allow facility managers to detect leaks early and maintain regulatory compliance with temperature standards, which prevents wastage and reduces unnecessary energy expenditure associated with heating or cooling water.

The integration of water management systems with the ENTOUCH.one platform ensures that adjustments to water usage are based on data, leading to more informed decision-making. This proactive approach not only conserves water but also optimizes the energy used in water heating and cooling systems, enhancing overall building efficiency.

Get an Energy Audits

Conducting an ENTOUCH Proof of Value (POV) in commercial buildings is essential for identifying opportunities to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our POV involves a systematic review of how energy is used within a facility, pinpointing areas where improvements can be made to save energy and decrease costs.

The process of an energy POV includes an initial assessment of current energy consumption, identification of major energy-consuming systems, and recommendations for energy-saving actions. 

Reduce energy consumption along with carbon footprint

Investing in an Energy Management System (EMS) not only reduces energy consumption in commercial buildings but also significantly lowers their carbon footprint. This dual benefit is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance operational efficiencies while supporting environmental sustainability.

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ENTOUCH stands as a leader in providing comprehensive energy management solutions, demonstrating significant energy savings across diverse industries such as retail, healthcare, and education. Our solutions are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of each sector, ensuring that every client benefits from an optimized approach to energy management.

What realistic energy savings can I achieve in commercial buildings through an EMS?

Implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) with ENTOUCH in commercial buildings leads to substantial energy savings. Specifically, ENTOUCH has demonstrated an impressive average 5-year ROI of 254%, indicating significant cost savings and operational efficiencies achieved through our EMS solutions.

Our case studies highlight remarkable reductions in energy consumption, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability. For example, using ENTOUCH's systems, clients have noted up to 16.4% reduction in kWh, a key indicator of energy efficiency improvements. This data illustrates not only the potential financial return but also supports sustainability objectives by reducing overall carbon emissions.

Financial controllers and sustainability officers will find value in the ENTOUCH's system, which integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure without the need for expensive equipment upgrades. This integration allows for a quick and efficient transition to smarter energy management, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations while maximizing ROI.

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