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How to reduce energy usage in restaurants

Jun 16, 2024

In the competitive restaurant industry, reducing energy usage is not just a sustainability goal but a strategic imperative to decrease operational costs and enhance profitability. Energy Management Systems (EMS) are at the forefront of this initiative, harnessing the power of IoT technology for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist facility managers in implementing advanced EMS solutions, like ENTOUCH, to optimize energy consumption across various systems, including HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration.

 By adopting these intelligent technologies, restaurants can achieve significant energy savings, operational efficiencies, and contribute to a sustainable business model.

Energy Efficiency in Restaurants: Utilize Energy Management System

Implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) in a restaurant environment can lead to a transformative change in how energy is consumed and managed. An EMS integrates seamlessly with existing systems through solutions like ENTOUCH.one, utilizing IoT technology to provide a comprehensive overview of energy usage and operational efficiency. This strategic adoption not only supports the reduction of energy costs but also promotes sustainability by minimizing the environmental impact of daily operations.

How Energy Management Systems Work

At the core of an Energy Management System (EMS) is the sophisticated integration of IoT technology, which facilitates real-time monitoring and data collection across restaurant operations. This system is designed to continuously gather data from various energy-consuming assets, such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration systems.

Through the ENTOUCH.one platform, this data is then analyzed using machine learning analytics to identify patterns of energy use, forecast future consumption, and highlight areas of inefficiency. This proactive approach allows restaurant managers to make informed decisions that lead to improved energy management and reduced operational costs.

By utilizing IoT technology, EMS like ENTOUCH ensures that energy management is not only reactive but also anticipatory, providing alerts and insights before issues become costly problems.

Benefits of implementing EMS in Restaurant

Implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) in restaurants offers a multitude of benefits that can transform operational efficiencies and sustainability efforts. By adopting an EMS, such as ENTOUCH, restaurants can achieve more than just energy savings. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages of implementing EMS:

  1. Cost Reduction: EMS significantly lowers energy bills through efficient energy use and waste minimization.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Automated controls and system integrations streamline operations, reducing manual effort and enhancing system responsiveness.
  3. Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing predictive analytics, EMS can forecast poor performing equipment and alert to schedule maintenance, thus preventing costly downtimes and extending equipment lifespan.
  4. Sustainability Initiatives: EMS supports environmental goals by reducing the carbon footprint of a restaurant, aligning with global sustainability standards and consumer expectations.
  5. Data-Driven Decisions: The comprehensive analytics provided by the ENTOUCH customer portal enable restaurants to make informed decisions based on historical trends and real-time data.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Advanced EMS helps ensure compliance with energy regulations and standards, avoiding fines and benefiting from incentives.
  7. Improved Customer Experience: By maintaining optimal conditions seamlessly, EMS enhances the dining environment, contributing to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  8. Enhanced Reputation: Commitment to energy efficiency improves brand reputation, attracting customers who value environmental responsibility.
  9. ROI and Cost Visibility: Detailed reporting and monitoring offer clear insights into cost savings and payback periods, simplifying financial planning and investment in new technologies.
  10. Scalability: EMS solutions like ENTOUCH.360 are scalable, making it easier to expand energy management efforts across multiple restaurant locations without losing effectiveness.

Use data analytics to manage your energy usage

Incorporating AI/ML data analytics into restaurant energy management transforms raw data into actionable insights, optimizing energy usage and reducing costs. 

Through ENTOUCH.360, restaurants benefit from advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that spotlight energy waste and identify inefficiencies. By analyzing energy consumption data, operations teams and facility managers can pinpoint excessive energy use, streamline operations, and implement cost-effective measures. 

This strategic use of data not only ensures operational efficiency but also significantly lowers energy bills, making it a crucial tool for sustainable business practices.

Setting Up Energy KPIs

Establishing clear, measurable energy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential for tracking and achieving energy efficiency in restaurants. By setting specific benchmarks for energy consumption, restaurants can monitor progress and make informed decisions to enhance their energy practices. 

ENTOUCH.cloud facilitates the setting and monitoring of these KPIs, enabling restaurant managers to maintain an ongoing awareness of their energy performance. This not only helps in achieving set energy goals but also in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, driving forward the agenda of energy conservation and cost reduction.

Monitoring and Reporting for Continuous Improvement

The implementation of continuous monitoring and reporting systems is pivotal in maintaining and enhancing energy efficiency within restaurant operations. ENTOUCH.360 provides around-the-clock monitoring and tailored reporting, offering a robust solution for businesses committed to improving their energy management strategies. 

This service allows facility managers to receive real-time updates and alerts on their energy usage, ensuring that any deviations from expected patterns are quickly addressed. Moreover, ENTOUCH.360's detailed reports help identify long-term trends and efficiency opportunities, enabling restaurants to make proactive adjustments. 

The continual flow of information supports a dynamic approach to energy management, fostering sustained improvements and helping to realize substantial energy savings over time.

Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants

Smart HVAC system

Optimizing HVAC systems with smart technology is a key strategy for restaurants aiming to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. Smart HVAC management capabilities, such as those offered by ENTOUCH.one, integrate advanced sensors and controls to fine-tune the operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

EMS enables restaurants to maintain optimal indoor temperatures and air quality with minimal energy use. The benefits are twofold: significant cost savings on energy bills and a comfortable dining environment for customers. By leveraging IoT-enabled solutions, restaurants can achieve a balance between comfort and efficiency, making smart HVAC systems an essential component of a comprehensive energy management strategy.

Smart Thermostat 

Smart thermostats stand at the forefront of temperature regulation technologies in restaurants, offering a significant reduction in energy costs. By utilizing ENTOUCH’s smart thermostat solutions, restaurants can maintain optimal temperatures without manual intervention

These devices adjust heating and cooling based on real-time environmental data and occupancy levels, ensuring efficient energy use while enhancing customer comfort. The integration of smart thermostats into a restaurant's energy management system not only leads to direct energy savings but also contributes to a more consistent and enjoyable dining experience for guests.

 Refrigeration System Monitoring and Control

The implementation of smart refrigeration systems in restaurants is crucial for energy savings and prolonging equipment life. ENTOUCH.one’s integration capabilities extend to refrigeration systems, optimizing their operation through real-time monitoring and automated controls. 

The monitoring and control system ensures refrigeration units operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption while maintaining and logging the required cooling levels. 

Additionally, monitoring and control of refrigeration systems help detect and address maintenance issues before they escalate, thereby avoiding downtime and potential loss of perishable goods. The result is a more sustainable operation with lower operational costs and enhanced reliability.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting and lighting system

Transitioning to LED lighting is a significant step toward achieving energy efficiency and cost reduction in restaurant environments. LED bulbs are renowned for their high energy efficiency and long lifespan, making them a superior choice over traditional lighting solutions. 

The switch not only contributes to substantial energy savings but also offers notable long-term cost benefits, a crucial consideration for restaurant operations teams contemplating cost-effective upgrades. However, you don’t have to upgrade your lighting to use ENTOUCH's solution.

 ENTOUCH can benchmark your energy spend before installing LED systems to calculate your savings, plus ENTOUCH lighting monitor and control lighting systems.

Adding control and monitoring to your LED lighting is a universally compelling decision, particularly for restaurant operations teams focused on reducing operational expenses. 

ENTOUCH actively controls, monitors, and provides real-time access to facility lighting, ensuring a comfortable environment and additional energy savings. The ENTOUCH Dimming and Lighting Controller (DLC) communicates wirelessly back to the ENTOUCH.one primary controller.

Configurations manage up to six (6) lighting zones with a single controller aligned with the robustness of our system design.

Use energy-efficient equipment

The adoption of ENERGY STAR-certified kitchen appliances is a critical step for restaurants aiming to reduce their energy use and operating costs. These appliances are designed to operate more efficiently than standard equipment, providing substantial energy savings without sacrificing performance. The practical and direct benefits of using energy-efficient equipment appeal, especially to operations teams and kitchen managers, who are continually seeking ways to improve profitability through operational efficiencies.

However, to use ENTOUCH’s solution you don’t have to upgrade your existing equipment. ENTOUCH will monitor your existing equipment to ensure the most energy savings possible.

Cut Idle Time

Reducing idle time for kitchen equipment and appliances is an actionable strategy to save energy in restaurant settings. By minimizing the time that devices such as ovens, stoves, and dishwashers are left running when not needed, restaurants can decrease energy waste. This approach is action-oriented, targeting kitchen staff and managers to implement changes that have immediate effects on energy consumption and cost. It encourages staff to be more mindful of their usage patterns and to turn off equipment when not in use, fostering a culture of energy consciousness in the kitchen.

Reduce Water Consumption

Implementing water-saving fixtures and adopting efficient water use practices are essential for restaurants to conserve water and reduce associated energy costs. Installing low-flow faucets and modernizing dishwashing equipment can significantly cut water usage and heating costs. To implement our solution, you don’t have to do either of these.

With ENTOUCH, restaurants gain real-time access to water flow and temperature data, allowing for quick responses to any issues. These monitoring devices communicate wirelessly back to the ENTOUCH.one controller, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation. This system not only supports water-saving initiatives but also enhances overall efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Get An Energy Assessment

ENTOUCH.360 offers consultative insights as part of its energy assessment services, equipping restaurant operators with the knowledge and tools needed for a comprehensive approach to energy management. 

Do you want to reduce your energy costs? Let's talk about implementing an EMS in your facilities

Implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) in your restaurant can be a game-changer in managing and reducing energy costs. 

The consultative approach of ENTOUCH.360 ensures that every step of the EMS implementation is tailored to your specific needs, promising ongoing improvements and a tangible return on investment (ROI). 

By integrating advanced technologies like IoT and predictive analytics, an EMS can provide comprehensive insights into energy consumption, identify savings opportunities, and streamline operational efficiency. This proactive energy management strategy not only reduces costs but also enhances the overall sustainability of your business operations.

How quickly can a restaurant expect to see energy savings after implementing ENTOUCH.one?

After installing ENTOUCH.one, restaurants typically begin to notice a reduction in their energy consumption and energy costs within the first billing cycle. The system's real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities enable quick identification of inefficiencies, allowing for immediate adjustments that lower energy usage in your restaurant. The time to see tangible savings can vary depending on the initial state of the restaurant’s equipment and systems, but most businesses report significant reductions in their energy expenses from day one after implementation.

Can ENTOUCH.one integrate with older, existing restaurant systems, or is new equipment required?

ENTOUCH.one is designed to integrate with both new and existing restaurant equipment seamlessly. This flexibility helps reduce energy consumption without the need for costly upfront investments in new hardware. The system uses IoT technology to connect with various devices, ensuring that even older systems can be part of a unified energy management strategy. This integration can extend the life of existing equipment and optimize energy use, making it an effective way to cut costs and enhance energy efficiency in older setups.

Can the ENTOUCH.one system be customized to specific energy usage goals of a restaurant?

Yes, ENTOUCH.one offers customizable settings to align with specific energy usage goals and the unique needs of each restaurant. Whether you aim to reduce your energy consumption by a certain percentage, meet sustainability benchmarks, ensure comfort levels are maintained, or manage energy expenses more effectively, ENTOUCH.one can be tailored to meet these objectives. This customization supports restaurants in becoming more energy-efficient and helps manage energy bills or use more effectively, ultimately contributing to a more successful business model.

How does ENTOUCH.one contribute to a restaurant's sustainability goals beyond energy savings?

Beyond reducing energy bills, ENTOUCH.one helps restaurants achieve broader sustainability goals by minimizing their overall environmental impact. ENTOUCH.one enhances water efficiency—important for running a restaurant sustainably—by monitoring water systems to detect leaks and maintain regulatory temperatures. Through these comprehensive measures, ENTOUCH.one supports a restaurant's commitment to environmental stewardship while also helping to manage energy and operational costs effectively.

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