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How to reduce energy usage in senior living communities

Jun 16, 2024

The rising importance of energy efficiency in senior living facilities cannot be overstated, given the substantial benefits it offers, such as significant cost savings, enhanced environmental sustainability, and elevated resident comfort. These advantages are becoming increasingly crucial as the demographics of aging populations grow and the demand for sustainable operations in senior living community settings escalates. 

Creating an Energy Management System (EMS) tailored specifically for senior care facilities represents a strategic response to these needs, ensuring facilities are not only more cost-effective but also provide a comfortable and sustainable environment for residents. 

Energy Efficiency in Senior Care: Utilize Energy Management System

How Energy Management Systems Work

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are designed to enhance energy conservation through the sophisticated monitoring, control, and optimization of a building's energy consumption. These systems leverage IoT technology to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, enabling real-time data analysis that plays a crucial role in reducing energy waste. By constantly assessing energy usage and automatically adjusting settings based on predefined criteria, EMS helps facilities manage their energy more effectively. 

For instance, in a senior living facility, this might mean adjusting heating or cooling based on room usage or external weather conditions, ensuring that energy is not wasted while maintaining optimal resident comfort. 

Additionally, the ability to integrate with other building management systems and existing equipment means that EMS can provide a holistic view of a facility's energy landscape, from HVAC operations to lighting, thereby facilitating comprehensive energy-saving strategies.

Implementing an EMS in Senior Care Facilities with ENTOUCH

Integrating ENTOUCH's EMS solutions into senior living environments begins with a comprehensive preliminary assessment to understand the unique needs and existing systems of the facility. This initial evaluation, Proof of Value, is critical to tailoring the ENTOUCH system to the facility's specific requirements, ensuring that the installation enhances energy management without disrupting the daily operations of the residents and staff. The installation process itself is designed to be swift and non-disruptive, facilitated by ENTOUCH.one, which acts as the first critical mile to transforming buildings into intelligent, energy-efficient environments.

Once installed, ongoing management of the EMS ensures that energy use remains optimized over time. This management includes continuous monitoring and adjustments based on real-time data, which can significantly improve the operational efficiency of HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and other systems crucial to the comfort and safety of senior residents. The adaptability of ENTOUCH systems means that they can be finely adjusted to reflect the usage patterns of common areas, significantly reducing energy wastage in spaces that are infrequently used.

The ENTOUCH.one is noteworthy for its proven deployment in senior living facilities and frictionless implementations. 99% of deployments are completed in one day, on time, and on budget with no disruptions to daily operations and no return trips.

Cost-Saving Strategies for Energy Optimization in Senior Care Facilities

HVAC Systems

Optimizing HVAC systems is essential for energy efficiency in senior care facilities. Implementing smart thermostats and ensuring regular maintenance are key strategies that significantly enhance system efficiency.

 ENTOUCH.360 plays a pivotal role here by offering continuous monitoring and management of HVAC systems. This service ensures that the systems always operate at maximum efficiency, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

For instance, ENTOUCH.360's proactive recommendations for HVAC maintenance and efficiency improvements are based on real-time data and predictive analytics, which help identify potential issues before they become costly problems.

Smart thermostats

The use of smart thermostats in senior living facilities offers considerable benefits. These devices allow for programmable settings and remote control, making it easier to manage energy consumption effectively. ENTOUCH's smart thermostat integration further enhances these benefits, contributing significantly to overall energy savings by adapting temperature settings automatically based on actual needs and occupancy. The ENTOUCH.one hardware suite includes these smart thermostats, which are specifically designed for rapid deployment and substantial energy savings in senior care environments.

Smart Lighting System

Upgrading lighting systems to more energy-efficient alternatives, such as LED lighting, is a straightforward and effective method for reducing energy consumption. These updated lighting solutions offer greater efficiency and longevity compared to traditional options, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Our lighting solution actively controls, monitors, and provides real-time access to facility lighting without requiring you to upgrade your existing lighting. This ensures a positive working environment and delivers additional energy savings.

The ENTOUCH Lighting Control Module communicates wirelessly with the ENTOUCH.one controller, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation. Moreover, ENTOUCH ensures that your lighting adjusts automatically based on the sunrise and sunset at your location, further optimizing energy usage and streamlining your operations. Incorporating smart lighting controls as part of ENTOUCH's EMS solutions can enhance energy efficiency by controlling lighting to minimize waste.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Equipment

Utilizing energy-efficient appliances and equipment is another crucial strategy for reducing energy consumption in senior care facilities. ENTOUCH.cloud’s analytics play a vital role by identifying inefficiencies in current equipment, which informs decisions regarding upgrades to more efficient models. 

Energy Audits

Conducting Proof of Value (POV) energy audits is a strategic approach to uncover inefficiencies and identify areas for improvement within senior care facilities. These audits are instrumental in understanding where energy is wasted and what steps can be taken to rectify these issues.

 ENTOUCH's services facilitate this process by providing detailed energy consumption analysis. This analysis helps formulate targeted strategies that effectively manage energy use, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Get started on reducing your energy consumption with ENTOUCH’s Energy Management System

Now is the time to embrace the transformative power of ENTOUCH's EMS for your senior living facilities. By adopting this advanced system, facilities can experience rapid deployment, comprehensive monitoring, and proven energy savings. 

The key benefits of choosing ENTOUCH include not only enhanced operational efficiency and reduced energy costs but also significant contributions towards environmental sustainability goals.

The ENTOUCH.360 program offers comprehensive support from deployment through ongoing optimization, ensuring facilities can efficiently achieve and maintain their energy efficiency goals. With ENTOUCH.360, senior care communities benefit from a seamless integration of energy management solutions that include optimal control of HVAC, lighting, and other energy loads, coupled with predicted and lower maintenance spending. This integrated approach extends the value of existing investments and reduces resident and staff comfort issues, which are critical in senior care settings.

In addition, ENTOUCH recognizes the specific needs of senior communities and tailors its solutions accordingly. Our data-driven management approach allows for intelligent facilities management that prioritizes the comfort and safety of residents while minimizing operational costs. The typical results seen by our senior community clients include an average payback of 1.4 years, a 254% 5-year ROI, and a 16% kWh reduction, underscoring the substantial economic and environmental benefits of implementing EMS.

What initial steps should be taken before installing an Energy Management System in a senior care community?

 Before installing an Energy Management System (EMS) in a senior care facility, the initial steps include conducting a preliminary assessment, Proof of Value (POV),  to evaluate the existing energy systems and infrastructure. This assessment helps in identifying specific needs and potential challenges, ensuring that the EMS can be tailored effectively to the facility's requirements. Additionally, it's crucial to engage stakeholders from across the facility's management and maintenance teams to align goals and expectations for the EMS implementation.

How does an Energy Management System adapt to different sizes and types of senior living facilities?

An Energy Management System is highly adaptable to various sizes and types of senior living facilities. ENTOUCH's EMS, for example, can be customized based on the specific energy demands and architectural complexities of each facility. Whether it's a small residential care facility or a large complex, the system can scale accordingly. This adaptability is achieved by adding components based on the specific needs to ensure efficient energy management across different facility layouts.

Can ENTOUCH's EMS integrate with existing non-ENTOUCH energy management systems in senior care communities?

Yes, ENTOUCH's EMS is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing non-ENTOUCH energy management systems in a senior care facility. This integration capability is crucial for ensuring a comprehensive approach to energy management without the need to replace existing HVAC equipment. ENTOUCH uses protocols and standards to facilitate connectivity and data exchange between different systems, allowing for a unified management platform that enhances overall energy efficiency.

Are there financing options or incentives available for senior care facilities looking to adopt an EMS solution like ENTOUCH? 

Many senior care facilities can access various financing options and incentives when adopting an EMS solution. ENTOUCH understands your business, and we know you don’t need a“one size fits all” three-year subscription; you need a partner who will customize a financial solution that meets the unique needs of your facilities team and your finance team.

We are committed to providing the lowest total cost of ownership and the flexibility to tailor your investment. You can put your capital to work on ENTOUCH’s high ROI solution or use ENTOUCH’s capital to create an even greater payback for the same project. Regardless of how you choose to invest, we’ll deliver the results.

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