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Facilities Management and Customer Experience in the Experience Economy

Traditional retailers and other businesses followed a top-down approach to giving customers products. While this process worked great for decades, it left a hole in customer engagement. The well-established standards...
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Machine Learning in Facilities Management: What You Need to Know

Machine learning in facilities management is a tidal wave, and it is coming much faster than many realize. Machine learning refers to the use of technology and systems to self-monitor...
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What Is a Facilities Risk Management Assessment?

As the world of facilities management becomes more computerized and uses digital-driven processes, Facilities Managers around the globe will begin to look seriously at how a state-of-the-art energy management system...
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Supply Chain Facilities Management: It's More Than Just Facilities

Supply Chain Facilities Management includes unique challenges and requires out-of-the-box thinking to be successful. Successful supply chain management includes successful Facilities Management, meaning the facilities must work at maximum efficiency...
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What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

Integration has become a topic in industries around the globe, and integrated facilities management is making waves as well. According to Business Wire, global spend on integrated facilities management services is...
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What Does Maintenance Data Have to Do With ESG Management?

Facilities Managers have a tremendous opportunity in today's era to leverage actionable maintenance data and make informed decisions – in real-time. The use of this data holds great value in...
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Winter Facilities Management Maintenance: What You Need to Do in Winter

The problems with deferred maintenance are well-documented, and knowing what to do in order to prevent deferred maintenance during the winter is crucial to continued productivity. During the winter, spikes in plumbing...
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How Predictive Maintenance in Facilities Management Empowers the Facility Manager

The use of predictive maintenance in facilities management can dramatically lower facilities spend, especially when applied to antiquated assets. Its value continues when assets are upgraded or replaced, extending their...
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Analytics and Data in Facilities Management Unifies Operations

Analytics and data in facilities management hold great potential. These technologies empower Facilities Managers, enable informed decision-making, enhance communication, and more. Facilities Managers need to know how these technologies will evolve and streamline scheduled facilities activities while saving money.
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