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Using Cloud-Based Facility Management Technology to Save Your Facility Money

Cloud-based facility management technology and systems are among the hottest topics in modern facility management. The cloud has the potential to bring disparate facility systems together and end uncertainty when making key decisions...
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What Is Smart Maintenance and How Facility Managers Can Benefit?

As few as 12 percent of commercial buildings use predictive maintenance, notes Nicole Kraweke of ACHR News. The reason behind this trend is the high cost of predictive maintenance, with...
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What Is a Building Condition Score & Why Do You Need One?

Knowing your building condition score is an essential step for effective facilities management. The score provides a snapshot of the overall health and performance of your facilities and the expected...
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The Difference Between Energy Management Systems (EMS) & Building Management Systems (BMS)

Both energy management systems (EMS) and building management systems (BMS) empower facilities managers with information regarding asset condition and energy use. Although the combination is a go-to solution for modern...
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Successful Facilities Management Technology Implementation: The Invaluable Role of Leadership

Modern facilities management technology has the potential to revolutionize standard procedures and processes. Facilities Managers can do much more with less and reduce reliance on nonrenewable energy resources while acting...
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Benchmarking Facilities Maintenance Costs: How a Baseline Assessment Helps You See the Black Swans

Has your organization considered benchmarking facilities maintenance costs, and if not, what is holding you back?  To answer these questions, Facilities Managers need to understand the true value of benchmarking facilities maintenance...
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The Path to Success: ESG in Facilities Management

The application of environmental, social, and governance factors and risk management strategy in facilities management is relatively new. The idea first arose in the early 2000s when investors began to...
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Energy Management for Businesses: A Guide to Smarter Buildings

If your business building has been around for quite some time now, it may no longer be as energy-efficient as it used to be. Commercial buildings have been found to waste approximately 30% of their energy, which is not a small number by any metric. Your best option is to invest in an energy management system — an energy management tool that grants you better control over energy use.
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Effective Ways to Improve Sustainability Metrics

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies play a crucial role in business today. Consumers and investors expect executives to focus on sustainability and invest in practices that elevate their company's ESG profile.
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