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What Is a Facilities Risk Management Assessment?

As the world of facilities management becomes...
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Supply Chain Facilities Management: It's More Than Just Facilities

Supply Chain Facilities Management includes unique challenges...
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What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

Integration has become a topic in industries...
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What Does Maintenance Data Have to Do With ESG Management?

Facilities Managers have a tremendous opportunity in...
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Winter Facilities Management Maintenance: What You Need to Do in Winter

The problems with deferred maintenance are well-documented, and knowing...
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Analytics and Data in Facilities Management Unifies Operations

Analytics and data in facilities management hold great potential. These technologies empower Facilities Managers, enable informed decision-making, enhance communication, and more. Facilities Managers need to know how these technologies will evolve and streamline scheduled facilities activities while saving money.
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Using Cloud-Based Facility Management Technology to Save Your Facility Money

Cloud-based facility management technology and systems are among...
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