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What’s Driving Investment in Integrated Facilities Management Systems?

Failure to integrate facilities management systems is a common problem for organizations today who manage large distributed facilities. As the types of systems and their capabilities have grown, many organizations have implemented dozens of systems to serve a given purpose. These systems are generating countless terabytes of data that, without integration, have facilities managers struggling to cross-reference to derive even higher value. Integrated facilities management systems are critical to successful cost avoidance strategies. Leveraging actionable data from across the entire building, if not the whole facilities portfolio, give Facilities Managers a bigger picture of the health of buildings.

Challenges of “Digitizing” Facilities Management

Facilities Managers do face challenges in integrating systems and digital transformation of facilities management. Failure to integrate systems is a primary challenge of digital facilities management. Meanwhile, the use of smart sensors to track more data about facility assets help Facility Managers understand energy and facility needs. Simply connecting an asset to the Internet of Things (IoT) does not make it powerful; the subsequent processes involving the application of that data across the entire portfolio do, according to Buildings.com.

Integrated Facilities Management Systems Reduce the Software-Clutter

As explained by Energy Manager Today, integrated facility management systems can help Facilities Managers consolidate the platforms they use every day which we call the single pane of glass in facilities management. While the single pane of glass is considered by some a pipe dream, the real potential of managing facilities thru one dashboard is just beginning to unfold thanks to systems that are bringing together many assets, data, and people processes into one screen.

Digitally connected assets, including smart meters, networks, transacted DER’s, intelligent transformer stations, automated demand response controls, and big data analytics are empowering Facilities Managers with more information than ever before. The use of this information to make informed decisions will reduce energy costs and avoid unnecessary expenses, including maintenance failures.

How to Bring Harmony to Your Facility Organization

For facilities manager to reap the benefits of integrated facilities management systems, companies need to take these steps:

  1. Retrofit facility assets with connected sensors. Even facility assets that lack pre-built sensors can be retrofitted with wireless technologies.
  2. Track and make sense of data. As noted previously, tracking data is useless unless it is actionable.
  3. Determine what actions are necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. For example, Facility Managers should utilize preventive, predictive analytics to make informed decisions, as well as identify the cost of such improvements and their potential savings for energy consumption and avoided expenses.
  4. Deploy mobile technology to increase remote management. Even using a mobile-optimized CMMS makes it easier to review technical data and manage maintenance needs, as noted by Health Facilities Management.
  5. Consider outsourcing. Outsourcing puts the challenges of controlling and maintaining integrated facilities management systems in the hands of a third-party with the experience and skill to make informed decisions and turn the process into a turn-key solution.

Gain Control Over Your Facilities with ENTOUCH Experience and Leadership

There will always be a new system or technology capable of increasing energy efficiency in your operation. However, any improvement will be useless unless your organization takes advantage of integrated facilities maintenance and management systems. Get the control you need over your facilities by partnering with an established and proven partner. Contact ENTOUCH online or call 1-800-820-3511 to get started now.