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Benefits of Comprehensive Intelligent Design of Buildings

The intelligent design of buildings refers to the energy-efficient, and smart processes and technology incorporated into a building’s plans and construction. It is the complete opposite of a facility retrofit, which involves the installation of sensors and smart systems after construction. Moreover, technology is the heart of success in cities across the country, says Arie Barendrecht of D Magazine, and the intelligent design of buildings is one way to attract the next generation of workers and tenants to your facility. CRE Facility Managers and providers need to understand a few things about the intelligent design of buildings.

What’s Keeping CRE Managers From Using Intelligent Systems?

The use of intelligent systems is cost-effective and streamlines facilities management, but some companies continue to use integrated systems and processes for managing their facilities. As explained IvyLee Rosario, one of the significant concerns that continue to plague the industry is the fear of the Robot Apocalypse.

The robot apocalypse is a hypothetical scenario in which robots replace humans in their entirety, and while some jobs will be replaced through robotics, the likelihood of an all-out apocalypse is remote. Advances in technology, including robotics, do not replace the workforce; they enhance it. Instead of fearing the intelligent design of buildings, CRE providers should embrace it.

Intelligent Design of Buildings Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Engage with Tenants

The most life-changing aspect of the intelligent design of buildings is the introduction of AI and its use to engage with tenants of CRE providers. Artificial intelligence can monitor and respond to the needs of people and systems alike. Facility managers can do more with less through automation, but automation is only possible through the use of AI. Those still reluctant to embrace the future need look no further than the typical computer.

When unveiled, computers were seen as bulky, labor-intensive machines that might help, but today, they are an absolute necessity for essential business functions. In addition, giving CRE providers the opportunity to manage entire portfolios from their fingertips and at any location. Ultimately, intelligent design of buildings will naturally increase occupant engagement and satisfaction.

Benefits of Intelligent Design of Buildings

The benefits of using intelligent design and AI in CRE, reports Gemma Church of the Minnesota Real Estate Journal, include:

  1. Anticipate tenant needs. The use of AI in CRE as part of the intelligent design of buildings will give CRE providers the opportunity to anticipate tenant needs. This goes beyond the traditional need, such as maintenance and queries regarding administrative tasks.
  2. Optimize energy use. Optimized energy use will reduce overhead costs for CRE providers, which will translate into savings for tenants and benefits for their customers as well.
  3. Attract more tenants. Lower rates and better service, made possible through the intelligent design of buildings, will help CRE providers attract and retain more tenants.
  4. Avoid fines levied for non-compliance with new building restrictions. As more local, state, and even federal governments consider new building codes and limitations, the intelligent design of buildings will have a profound impact on preventing compliance violations and adhering to sustainable practices.
  5. Offer trickle-down benefits to the customers of tenants. Since the burden of managing CRE spaces is decreased, benefits realized by CRE provider and tenants will trickle down into additional benefits for the customers of tenants. It is a win-win.

Take Advantage of Intelligent Design of Buildings With the Right Energy Management Partner

Although the intelligent design of buildings sounds like something that can only take place before making ground, it is important to remember any facility can take advantage of the benefits of intelligent design through energy audits and retrofitting of assets. Choosing the right energy management partner can help streamline the process. Find out what you need to do to get started by calling 1-800-820-3511 or contacting ENTOUCH online.