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Adding Value to Building Occupants: A Focus on the IoT and Proactive Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT) was and still is a breakthrough for facilities management. The IoT and proactive maintenance have the potential to eradicate most cases of reactive maintenance and save tremendous amounts of time and money. Unfortunately, the promises of automation and lower-cost facilities management have raised fears about potential job loss, reports Janelle Penny of Buildings.com. While automation has the potential to reduce labor demands, it will never wholly replace the facility manager’s ability to lead and develop maintenance strategies. The IoT and proactive maintenance will supplement current processes, so teams can work more efficiently, smarter and without delays. To understand this process, Facilities Managers must first look at reactive maintenance and its effect on brand value and guest experience.

Reactive Maintenance Tarnishes Brand Value and Increases Risk

List the top adverse effects of reactive maintenance.

If asked to do this, you might include:

  • Added costs to the short-term budget.
  • Delays in making repairs due to unavailable staff.
  • Disruptions to guest experiences.
  • A complete shutdown of a facility for significant issues.
  • Damage to other system components, up to and including replacement of expensive assets.
  • Increased risk to building occupants

These factors decimate property value, which decreases brand value. Bad experiences will push your customers to do business with your competitors. Fortunately, you can do something about it with the IoT and proactive maintenance.

The IoT and Proactive Maintenance Builds Better Customer Experiences

Proactive maintenance is based on keeping building systems and condition in the best possible state. Equipment operates more efficiently, and useful asset life expectancy increases. Ongoing data collection and analysis isolates potential equipment failures before contributing to asset failures. Preventing unnecessary breakdowns is the first step to keeping customers happy and safe, explains Rebecca Kim of Buildings.com.

How to Add Value Thru New Facilities Management Technology

Empowering facilities management through a proactive approach takes more than just commitment to not use systems during vacancy hours and performing manufacturer-recommended maintenance. Instead, says Kim, Facilities Managers should follow these steps to add value to the building and increase brand value:

  1. Install appropriate, IoT-connected equipment and smart sensors. This is made easier through today’s technology with wireless sensors that can be retrofitted to virtually all assets.
  2. Develop a predictive maintenance schedule, using data to prioritize and refine it. The predictive maintenance schedule must be a living, evolving record, not just something that is written down once and forgotten.
  3. Document maintenance with a system of record, and use data to track performance afterward. This may include using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and generating reports to show cost savings versus investment costs.
  4. Share documentation with stakeholders, building tenants, and other responsible parties to show your facility’s commitment to better customer (or tenant) service. Such actions are also a great way to highlight sustainable practices in your maintenance and facilities management department.
  5. Be present. Although modern technology allows for remote facilities management, it is no substitute for connecting with your staff and customers. Even if you are not physically present on-premises, make sure everyone knows who you are and how to reach you. This may be through the CMMS or staff or even social media for customers.

Leverage the Power of the IoT and Proactive Maintenance for Improved Experiences

Facilities Managers have an excellent opportunity to reduce facilities spend and increase customer experiences through IoT and proactive maintenance. Stop trying to put out the endless fires with reactive maintenance, and move into the era of connected systems for proactive maintenance. Harness the power of the IoT and proactive maintenance to work in your facility by contacting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 now.