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Is the Single Pane of Glass the Holy Grail For Energy Management? Yes…It…Is

Regardless of superstition, the single pane of glass for energy management will dramatically change the game for how facilities managers effectively handle both simple and complex tasks across their distributed portfolio.

The single pane of glass is a tool for managing your facilities from a single interface, explains TechTarget. Today, you may be using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), energy management system, a utility bill management system, and duty roster to manage your labor resources, and many other systems. However, you could streamline and simplify the engine processes through the single pane of glass in facilities management. While some might struggle with this idea, it holds great promise and benefits to an organization, and you need to know why.

Is a Single Pane of Glass for Energy Management Effective and Available Today?

The single pane of glass for energy management is among the most effective solutions on the market today. However, it is not as simple as running to the hardware store and pulling one off the shelf. The single pane of glass requires integration between your existing and new systems.

For example, if you have an existing CMMS in place, new sensors and analytics platforms must be integrated with it. Afterward, the information can be pooled into a central interface, allowing facilities managers to make decisions without navigating multiple systems.

Unfortunately, there are only a few energy management or smart building solutions available for facilities managers seeking the ultimate single pane of glass. However, smart building solutions, like those offered by ENTOUCH, can easily be integrated within existing systems to create a one-of-a-kind single pane of glass that works for the unique needs of your business and staff members.

User-Specific and Real-Time Data are Essential to Using the Single Pane of Glass

The single pane of glass is also more than a standardized dashboard. It can evolve to meet the user-specific needs that exist across enterprises and on-site facilities management professionals. Furthermore, information within a single pane of glass solutions should reflect real-time data, ensuring all users have access to the most recent, updated data for making decisions.

Leverage the Power in a Single Pane of Glass in Your Facility Now

The single pane of glass for energy management has the potential to eliminate inconsistency and drive profitability in facilities management beyond all expectations. However, it must be built with integration and user-specific needs in mind. This will encourage adoption rates and help it become a stronger, more reliable resource for managing your facility. For additional information on connecting energy management to your single pane of glass solution, contact ENTOUCH today.