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KinderCare® Learning Centers  Awarded Environmental Sustainability Honor for Commitment to the Environment and Ongoing Energy Efficiency

ENTOUCH Recognizes  KinderCare® Learning Centers  – the Nation’s Largest Private Provider of Early Childhood Education and Care – for Their Environmentally Conscious Practices.


Portland, Ore. (December 17, 2018) – KinderCare Learning Centers, the nation’s largest private provider of early childhood education and care, is looking to 2019 and expanding its focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. KinderCare recently earned ENTOUCH’s annual Environmental Sustainability Award for their continued efforts to improve energy efficiency and an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability across their centers.

“At KinderCare, our focus is setting children up for success and we do that by not only focusing on today, but in thinking about and preparing for tomorrow as well,” said Wei-Li Chong, KinderCare brand president. “Improving our centers’ energy efficiency helps us do our part to preserve the planet for tomorrow’s children.”

As part of its ongoing strategy to reduce its environmental footprint, KinderCare began implementing energy efficient smart building solutions and sustainability strategies in its centers in 2018 and plans to expand that program in 2019 as the company celebrates its 50th birthday.

KinderCare recently earned an award from ENTOUCH, a technology company, as an acknowledgement of their work to make a significant and positive impact on the environment by improving their operational and sustainability practices.

KinderCare centers with ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions use an average of 15.7 percent less energy each year. The 260 KinderCare centers participating thus far expect to see annual energy reductions of over 3.2 million kilowatt-hours and 2,381 metric tons of CO2 – equivalent to eliminating more than 5.8 million passenger car miles. Once the program expands to all 1,500 child care centers, KinderCare anticipates annual energy reductions of more than 18.6 million kilowatt hours and 13,861 metric tons of CO2.

“We chose KinderCare as the recipient of our annual Environmental Sustainability Award based on its passion and continued commitment to environmentally-friendly sustainability practices and energy saving procedures,” said Greg Fasullo, CEO of ENTOUCH. “Since KinderCare utilizes ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions, it now has the visibility across their distributed facilities and has the ability to proactively analyze critical energy data to drive decision-making and determine future outcomes.”

About KinderCare® Learning Centers 

KinderCare Learning Centers builds confidence for life for children socially, emotionally and academically over the lifecycle of children in our centers. For nearly 50 years, KinderCare Learning Centers have been a place where every child can learn, explore, and discover in a safe and nurturing environment in more than 1,500 community-based centers. We lead the nation in accredited centers and are passionate about providing children a sense of discovery while preparing them for success in school and beyond. To learn more visit us online at www.KinderCare.com, on Facebook or on Twitter. For resources, information, and activity ideas for parents and teachers of young children please visit www.KinderCare.com/blog. In 2018 Rainbow Child Care Centers joined the KinderCare family. To learn more about Rainbow at www.rainbowccc.com.


ENTOUCH™ is a technology company that leverages facility asset and energy intelligence solutions to accurately assess and control energy consumption and expenditure. The company’s award winning ENTOUCH 360™ platform provides a dedicated team of facility management and energy experts who utilize leading-edge software, best-in-class hardware and predictive or “targeted” analytics to improve operational efficiencies, significantly reduce energy consumption and maximize energy savings.

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