ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

Leading the Way in Smart Building Management Technology: ENTOUCH

Technology is the driving force of modern business. Companies can do more with less, and the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers the next generation of smart building technology. ENTOUCH aligns itself with this resolve through a complete rebranding. It is about more than being energy efficient; ENTOUCH focuses on providing multi-site building operators with an easy-to-use  platform that produces actionable decision-making insight to drive efficiencies across the enterprise.

Technical Innovation that Drives Profitability 

“Since inception, ENTOUCH has shaped the way our valued customers tackle the unique facility challenges they face,” says Samantha Foley, Chief Marketing Officer ENTOUCH. Over time, through continued innovation ENTOUCH extended its broad feature-set and launched cloud-based software and advisory services to create a comprehensive facility intelligence platform.”

ENTOUCH harvests rich data from a company’s distributed portfolio and transforms it into  actionable insight. In addition, existing IoT devices are connected to the cloud in “real-time” making the ability to proactively control desired facility and energy management outcomes more efficient and effective.


Rebranding ENTOUCH Showcases Leadership Position  and Ongoing Commitment in Smart Building Management

Making buildings smarter is good business, affording better decisions to key capital projects, predictive maintenance on aging equipment and better visibility across the enterprise. For larger companies, the benefits from enhanced visibility alone amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. When C-Suite executives can see energy consumption and real-time maintenance data on multiple facilities, immediate decisions that benefit the whole company can be made, generating a new revenue stream through tangible savings.

What Does It All Mean?

Boosting bottom lines drives business forward, but creating new sources of revenue is something entirely different. An enterprise with a distributed portfolio needs to be able to connect with its equipment, products, and environments in ways that go beyond what programmable thermostats and reactive facility management ever could. Major companies need an experienced, easy-to-recognize partner to turn to as smart building management becomes the norm. Rebranding ENTOUCH will solidify the company as the industry leader in forward-thinking applications of smart building technologies. It will also set a clear pathway for new and expanding businesses to take advantage of the true power inherent in the IoT.

The Smart Building Management Revolution Is Here 

ENTOUCH declares its independence from traditional facilities management through rebranding, laying a foundation for your company’s future success in smart building management.