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Finally…Ripping the Band-Aid Off Legacy Energy Management Systems

Legacy energy management systems represent a significant threat to all organizations. There was a time when the most sophisticated and complex energy management systems available, such as those offered by major companies were the gold standard of energy management. These platforms gave facility managers access to the data needed to make decisions and understand how energy was being used in a facility. Unfortunately, the systems came with significant hurdles, and while they worked for their purpose, the world of energy management systems has evolved dramatically. Facility managers need to rip the Band-Aid off legacy energy management systems and understand the challenges associated with them, how modern systems streamline use and a few tips for doing so.

Challenges Associated With Maintaining Legacy Energy Management Systems

As explained by Efficient Planet Magazine, the technologies of the past were designed to provide information, but they did little in the way of making information digestible. In other words, Facility Managers carried the burden of making sense of data, and since data in its raw form is meaningless, the systems have slowly lost their luster. Unfortunately, that is not the only problem. Legacy systems were designed with an older programming language, so they may be incompatible with newer, more advanced technologies, including the advanced analytics capabilities possible through cloud-based technology. This makes for extra trouble when upgrading the system, attempting to integrate the system with new platforms and added costs.

Modern Energy Management Systems Leverage Cloud-Based Systems to Streamline Use

While the makers of legacy energy management systems have worked to build their enterprises and increase technological prowess, a shift has occurred in energy management. Major companies across the globe are turning to innovative new models for accessing energy management systems, notes Automation World. The trend exists among multi-site retailers, restaurants, college campuses, industrial manufacturers, and healthcare facilities. The list of opportunities for improvement is endless, and modern energy management systems leverage the advanced computing power of cloud technology to bring energy management to any enterprise. In addition, software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription models make it much more economical for multi-site operators who may have struggled with “retail math” associated with implementing those legacy technologies in the past. This truly changes the game for energy management.

Simple Steps to Successfully Implement a New Energy Management System

There are many ways to successfully implement a new energy management system, but company shareholders still deal in facts, not hypothetical scenarios. Facility managers, on the other hand, can leverage a more modern, advanced energy management system to become experts in hypothetical scenarios. So, the steps to success in implementing a new system can be broken down as follows:

  1. Recognize the existing data resources at your disposal.
  2. Retrofit facility assets to collect data from all sources.
  3. Process data with advanced analytics to understand the pathway from current operations to optimal operations.
  4. Use technology to automate and streamline maintenance, including rapid identification of problems and resolution validation.
  5. Outsource the entire process, which reduces the stress of figuring it out in the first place.

Implement a New Energy Management System With ENTOUCH

All facility managers understand that an energy management program is essential to success. Unfortunately, the systems of use today rose to power in an era well before the age of the cloud. With advancing technology, legacy energy management systems are on their way out, and facility managers can take advantage of modern systems to finally retake control and manage facility budgets better. Avoid the extra costs with maintaining antiquated, legacy energy management systems by choosing a modern solution—ENTOUCH. Call 1-800-820-3511 or visit ENTOUCH online to get started now.