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Leveraging the Power of a Facilities Management Single Pane of Glass

A facilities management single pane of glass helps slay the monster of multi-site, large-scale facilities management operations.

Facilities management is a broad topic. A facility manager may oversee day-to-day operations, including maintenance, customer service, record-keeping, accounts payable and dozens of other activities, explains the Houston Chronicle. For enterprises, a facility manager could easily be responsible for overseeing dozens, if not hundreds, of individual stores, and managing the day-to-day operations of these locations is a major task.

In addition, facilities managers may use multiple systems to track different departments and manage a multi-site portfolio. Paired with the scalability needs of today’s companies, facilities managers could easily be faced with dozens of dashboards and systems. This is where the single pane of glass concept comes into play, powered by smart building technology, and facilities managers need to understand power available to them and how to use it properly.

1. The Facilities Management Single Pane of Glass Requires Integration

Integration is the basic precursor to implementing an effective single pane of glass solution. Since this concept relies on the data capture and presentation of information from multiple systems into one resource, asserts TechTarget, continuing to use existing legacy systems may seem impossible. However, facilities managers do have another option; they can retrofit existing systems with technologies that unify all existing systems into one resource – a single pane of glass.

2. Connect All Systems, Including Those Outside of Facilities Management

The single pane of glass has been a hot button topic in facilities management recently, but to truly take full advantage of it, facilities managers need to connect all systems, including those that may not necessarily appear to impact facilities management, says iScoop.

For example, customer service systems, like a reservation management system in a hotel, should be connected to be overarching system. This allows facilities managers to understand guest activities, as well as complaints, and leverage information to offer a better service, experience or product.


3. Use Data Analytics to Build Preventative, Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Schedules

Having information gathered from across multiple systems is great, but it still needs refinement and analysis. Facility managers looking to leverage the power of a single pane of glass need to use preventive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Although similar, each type of analytics brings something new to the facilities management single pane of glass.

As explained by HPAC Engineering, preventative maintenance analytics can help facilities managers get a handle on everyday tasks, like cleaning facilities or changing HVAC system filters. Predictive analytics reveal what may happen if existing activities continue, and finally, prescriptive analytics show facilities managers what needs to happen to achieve strategic facilities management goals. Of course, facilities managers using the single plane of glass cannot be expected to do everything.

4. Get All Team Members Involved

A final step in putting the power of a single pane of glass to work in facilities management is getting everyone involved. Facility managers should continue to use departments and on-site facility management personnel to achieve tasks. These individuals may access the single pane of glass to report issues and help keep facilities managers in the loop. Although this approach may seem disjointed, the single pane of glass concept also leverages human input from various systems, as well as automated reporting and information gathered from sensors, reports Brandy Moore of Facility Executive.


Leverage Integrated Systems and the Facilities Management Single Pane of Glass to Drive Immediate Value

When systems are disjointed, risk grows in the background. However, facilities managers can leverage the power of integrated systems to drive value and reduce risk. More than anything else, a single pane of glass is simpler to manage, reducing the opportunity for human error and decreasing overall facility management spend. Find out more about leveraging the single pane of glass in facilities management by contacting ENTOUCH today.