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Lighting Automation Becoming More Important for Small Business

The world is seeing a wave of new automation offerings for the home, allowing consumers to control the thermostat, doors and lights from a remote control or mobile device.

201303 lighting control copyConvenience and cool factor aside, these tools provide consumers with the potential to save significantly on energy bills, while delivering increased security to the home. And if all of this can be achieved in your home, why not in your business too?

Why Should You Care?

A typical business has many opportunities to automate, improve performance and reduce costs, but one area that is the most obvious is lighting control. According to a recent research report published in Energy Manager Today, “lighting accounts for a quarter of the energy used by a building and 10% of building costs.”

In addition to these energy and monetary expenses, many states are now dictating efficiency standards that require an automated lighting solution. In California, for example, building energy efficiency standards are updated every three years. The 2013 standards that go into effect January 2014, address HVAC and lighting, and mean that businesses must reduce lighting energy consumed by 25 percent!

What Lighting Control Can do for Your Business

 The trick is that lighting is essential to customer comfort.  In your store or restaurant, customers expect lighting to be optimized to fit their needs.  They also want to see your signage and feel safe in the parking lot.  Attractive outside lighting also adds to curb appeal. And as stated above, lighting costs are a significant portion of your building fees – so take control and start saving with automation!

Lighting Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Earlier this year, we announced our EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform, which provides an easy-to-use wireless, Cloud-based system that can help businesses reduce their energy expenses by up to 20%.

The EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform includes a wireless controller that provides automated control of interior lighting, parking lot lights and external signage.

Features include a seven-day, four time-period, web-based scheduling ability for up to four circuits of lighting.  Each circuit can be equipped with a local indicator with override capabilities (during bad weather, for example) and can be managed from a remote PC or mobile device.

By implementing lighting controls, commercial building owners can improve customer experience, lower costs and improve overall energy efficiency. Visit http://entouchcontrols.com/ to start your lighting automation today!