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Machine Learning in Energy Management: Creating a Better Customer Experience for Retailers

Machine learning in energy management and automated systems has a positive impact on customer experiences for retailers.

The customer experience is everything in retail, and retailers are constantly looking for ways to close the cell. While modern technology has given rise to the omnichannel shopping experience, facilities management in retail must also adapt. Machine learning in energy management systems has the potential to create a more effective, consumer-centric and positive customer experience in these key ways.

Machine Learning in Energy Management Eliminates the Hassle of Reordering Supplies or Parts

Machine learning in energy management systems begins the process of improving customer experiences by reordering supplies and products as inventory levels run low. While it may not seem relative to energy management, perishable items sold by retailers directly impact a facilities energy costs. As a result, a self-ordering, inventory management system, as well as a self-monitoring, refrigeration unit, can prevent issues from arising if consumers’ products are not in stock.


Machine Learning Promotes Brand Recognition and Encourages Purchases in Retail

Another way energy management systems facilitate better customer service lies in improving brand recognition and encouraging purchases in retail. Since data is being fed into a retailer’s energy management system and online e-commerce portal, machine learning can connect consumers in brick-and-mortar stores with products nearest to them that they have previously searched for online. As a result, consumers are more likely to enjoy their experience, and the retailer reaps the benefits of lower energy costs, as explained by Chris Raphael of RT Insights.com.

Automated Processes Mean More Employees Can Focus on Consumer Needs

Since automation is the natural companion of machine learning, automated processes allow employees to focus more on consumers’ needs, not the needs of the individual store. Furthermore, employees can be more accountable and transparent to consumers inquiring about their company. Consumers that shop with companies using sustainable energy measures are more likely to return and make future purchases.


Machine Learning in Energy Management in Retail Facilities Is Critical to an Omnichannel Shopping Experience

An omnichannel shopping experience is tantamount to giving consumers what they want. Consumers want the option of shopping online, in-store, by phone, through a nap and every other channel in between. Thus, retailers can leverage information collected from these resources to create a consumer-centric environment, as explained by Kurt Marko of Forbes magazine, conducive to an omnichannel shopping experience.

Big Data and Machine Learning Eliminate Disruptions

Machine learning and automation in retail energy management can also change system settings, reducing the need for dedicated, on-site facility management professionals. In addition, the use of big data and machine learning in energy management among retailers lends itself to fewer disruptions to the customer experience.

No customer wants to walk into their favorite store and see a pile of maintenance equipment in the middle of the floor. By creating predictive, preventative maintenance schedules through an effective energy management program, disruptions to consumer shopping experiences are eliminated.

Put Your Customers First through Machine Learning in Energy Management Today

A successful retail strategy is about putting the customer first, and modern machine learning in energy management system does just that. Your customers need to know you are taking every care possible to get their business, so your company needs to implement a strong, reliable facilities and energy management system today.