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Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, & Big Data’s Future in Efficient Energy Management

Machine learning, the IoT and Big Data team up to create better energy management opportunities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a flood of information pouring into analytics systems, creating more information insights and better opportunities for efficient energy management. As explained by Linda Hardesty of Energy Manager Today, the volume of data being used across energy management represents more than 250 years of cumulative data, reflecting the increasing number of smart devices being brought online. In addition, smart building systems, including efficient energy management systems, are becoming a core aspect of all new construction.  But, how can machine learning, the IoT and Big Data shape the future of energy management.

Machine Learning Gets Smarter and Takes More Control

This is not the apocalyptic scenes from Hollywood. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are continually growing smarter. The network of data is reaching a point where its forecasting abilities have surpassed even the most advanced computer systems, otherwise known as deep learning. In addition, artificial intelligence in combination with machine learning will focus on multiple tasks, derive the best solution to address issues, and act without requiring human involvement. However, human involvement and interaction with the system will grow simpler with time, and energy production and consumption will begin to balance. As a result, overall energy costs will decrease and efficient energy management will become the new standard.


It All Goes Back to the IoT

The IoT includes all devices, ranging from consumer-facing products to industrial equipment, connected and communicating with the internet and systems. According to Carl Weinschenk of Energy Manager Today, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leverages individual data collection points against other factors in both single-company and industry-wide systems. As a result, the IIoT can optimize a company’s existing use of resources to generate the best way to achieve efficient energy consumption, and therefore, efficient operations.

Big Data Gets Easier to Manage and Use

One of the greatest benefits of AI, machine learning and the IoT lies in the self-propagating nature of Big Data. As more data pours into energy management systems (EMSs), the identification of trends and patterns becomes easier. More importantly, erroneous data, like data collected incorrectly during equipment malfunctions, becomes part of the data itself. Therefore, new insights and opportunities for savings and energy efficiency increase as systems become more self-aware. As a result, businesses using these technologies will be able to access, analyze and apply Big Data easier than before.


Big Data, the IoT and Machine Learning Will Continue to Grow

Knowledge gathered from IoT-enabled devices can be processed through machine-learning systems. Moreover, the compendium of Big Data insights and trends will increase as the knowledge hierarchy, reflecting the steady transformation of data into information and intelligence, becomes more important to smaller companies. Therefore, staying competitive in your industry will rely on your ability to leverage these technologies in your company. Fortunately, ENTOUCH can help you get control of your facilities and energy management processes. Visit ENTOUCH online to learn more.