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Machine Learning & the Internet of Things: How Automated Smart Buildings Bring Value to Facilities Management

Value is everything in your organization and essential to strong profit margins, and automated smart buildings can restore balance and health to your bottom line.

Automated smart buildings have the potential to revolutionize the construction and facilities management industries. This includes helping a multitude of other industries as well by lowering overhead costs across the board. Meanwhile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning are pushing the envelope further, unveiling a new class and standard in automated smart buildings too.

Automated Smart Buildings Reduce Environmental Impact

Environmental impact is a major dynamic affecting businesses around the globe, and the solution may lie in machine learning. According to Terry Howerton of TechTarget, machine learning will reduce global carbon dioxide emissions 20 percent by 2030. This includes reducing electricity expenditures by $1.2 trillion and fuel expenses by $1.1 trillion. However, one of the greatest developments in machine learning comes from the ever-increasing pool of data generated through the Internet of Things.


Smart Systems Leverage Meters and Sensors to Increase Energy Forecasting

The Internet of Things includes all devices, sensors, and systems collecting data and leveraging it for real-world applications. In facilities management, smart systems and machine learning power advanced analytics systems, deriving value from areas previously seen as efficient and optimal. Even the smallest changes in operations can have a lasting impact over time.

Machine Learning Increases IoT Capacity by Finding Patterns

Machine learning also has the potential to change how information is shared and stored through smart meters and sensors connected to the system. The IoT provides the information to analytics systems, which derive values and insights, and the same technology can be used to enact automatic changes within the connected devices, explains Angela Mass of FacilitiesNet. As a result, the flow of information begets better efficiency and cost savings.

Automated Building Systems Creates Incentives for Consumers and Building Managers

Automation increases incentives for consumers and building managers alike. Automation can be used in marketing to increase your company’s visibility while providing information to consumers about your company’s sustainability, eco-friendly practices, explains Edward Sullivan of FacilitiesNet. When applied on an enterprise-wide scale, automation is practical and reduces the proverbial legwork associated with managing small tasks, creating savings and increasing the safety of your laborers.


Embracing Automation, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things Is the Only Way to Go

Forecasting for the Internet of Things and machine learning may change, especially as devices grow smarter and more independent. Even today’s predictions might seriously undercut the true value these technologies will bring. The key to your success lies in using these systems to increase your company’s value and profitability. So, why wouldn’t you want to implement automated smart building solutions today?