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Maintenance Issues That Guests Don’t See: 5 Essential Checks in Preventative Maintenance

Although guests may not see certain parts of the facility, inspecting unseen areas are still integral steps in an effective preventative maintenance program.

Depending on the specific type of maintenance, preventative maintenance can contribute big savings to your organization’s bottom line. By some estimates, savings at least could be as high as 18 percent, but since maintenance spend accounts for up to 35 percent of facilities spend, savings could actually be as high as 35 percent. Meanwhile, additional studies by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) suggest actual ROI (return on investment) of implementing a preventative maintenance is closer to 545 percent. This is why more Facilities Managers are turning to preventative maintenance as a source of revenue, but attaining true value requires looking beyond what guests see, focusing on five additional areas of maintenance behind the scenes.

The Risk of Partial Maintenance Checklists

In modern buildings, systems are interconnected. Even older systems have loops that connect systems, like wires, drains, water lines, and gas lines. Meanwhile, these systems can lead to damage in floors, walls, and the roof, and facilities must remember to consider the potential impact of Mother Nature. As explained by FacilitiesNet, the roof alone can represent one of the largest investments for buildings, so Facilities Managers must not overlook anything. In other words, the preventative maintenance checklist, as explained by Buildings.com, must be comprehensive.

What Are the Essential Areas of Preventative Maintenance That Guests Don’t See?

An effective facilities maintenance checklist, focused on preventative maintenance, must include frequent inspections of these key areas:

  • The Roof. Regardless of the type of roof, this asset requires repair and maintenance. Failure to maintain weathered or worn pieces could result in damage to the components attaching such pieces to the structure itself.
  • Wiring Condition. Wires are a source of great risk, but they are essential in modern buildings. Even in buildings that use wireless components, electrical wires are still necessary. As a result, Facilities Managers need to ensure wires function as intended, including checking the resistance and wiring and recognizing when it needs to be replaced.
  • Staff-Only Areas. Although staff only areas may be kept away from guests’ eyes, these areas can be a source of great frustration and damage to a facility. Employee injuries or accidents in these areas could lead to legal liability and ongoing costs, so it is important for Facilities Managers to maintain staff only areas as well, including performing preventative maintenance, like reapplication of flooring material, maintenance of electrical outlets, and more.
  • POS System Cybersecurity. The point-of-sale system may not seem like it falls under the authority of the Facility Manager, but as a facility asset, Facility Managers are responsible for maintaining the physical and cyber security of POS systems. In addition, customers expect Facilities Managers to maintain strict cybersecurity protocols, especially in the digital, card-driven age.
  • HVAC Systems and Controls. Malfunctions in the HVAC system and controls may not be immediately evident, but such failures will result in changes in indoor temperature that adds to guest discomfort.

How to Incorporate These Areas into Your Preventative Maintenance Checklist

The aforementioned areas are extensive and will require ongoing inspection as part of a preventative maintenance program. However, Facilities Managers can streamline the process with a few steps:

  1. Retrofit facility assets with “smart”
  2. Integrate Facility Management systems with sensors and analytics platforms.
  3. Use data to monitor asset condition in real-time.
  4. Set clear schedules for a comprehensive facility condition audit, checking what sensors were unable to provide.

Implement a Comprehensive Predictive, Preventative Maintenance Program Now

A robust preventative maintenance program will help your organization to reduce facilities spend. However, implementing a program begins with understanding where your facility stands today. Schedule your initial energy assessment to kickstart your preventative maintenance program by submitting your questions online or calling ENTOUCH at 1-800-820-3511 now.