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What Is On-Demand Facilities Management?

In today’s world, the conversation around facilities management has shifted away from the traditional use of reactive maintenance and toward proactive facility management. However, there will always be a degree of reactive maintenance to address, and on-demand facilities management is not necessarily the same thing as reactive maintenance. While both referred to addressing needs that arise unexpectedly, the difference between the two lies in how Facilities Managers approach the subject. Facilities Managers need to understand on-demand facilities management and how it offers an advantage over traditional maintenance and management strategies.

On-Demand Facilities Management Is Typically Associated With Costly Reactive Maintenance

As explained by Service Channel, on-demand facilities management refers to the need to address an unforeseen issue that may arise at any time. On-demand facilities management is commonly associated with reactive maintenance, but it includes service requests that occur unexpectedly or during off-hours. Unfortunately, waiting to address the need until the next business day or other active time could result in significant damage and costs to your facility.

Think of storms, including hurricanes where your business may have days in advance to prepare. Preparation and recovery from storms is a type of on-demand facilities management. Of course, there is some debate as to whether a nationwide on-demand facilities management provider is best for you. A misconception exists that nationwide providers are less dedicated than local providers. In reality, the opposite is true. Nationwide providers’ expansive footprints allow for more dedicated service, adding value along the way and improving consistency and service quality.

In a sense, on-demand facilities management is not simply about getting things done at the lowest price; it’s about getting things done right at the right price.

On-Demand Facilities Management Includes Emergency Response Management

There will be plenty of things that will occur that are predictable in your facility, but it will not be possible to predict everything. And unplanned disruption to business could have a disastrous effect on your employees and customer experiences. However, on-demand facilities management service providers, like QSI, includes emergency response management. It is a type of an on-demand response team, and unlike the internal development of a team, it provides immediate access to the resources necessary to prevent unnecessary damage and address issues that have arisen.

Benefits of Outsourcing On-Demand Facilities Management

Outsourcing on-demand facilities management offer significant benefits over creating a team in-house and handling on-demand needs in your facility. Consider this. An unexpected leak occurs in your facility. Even if you are in-house staff have the experience to address the need, you will still need to shut off the water supply, contact employees to notify them of the issue, schedule an appropriate repair with your team, wait for your team members to arrive, pay overtime, handle insurance processing, and much more. Instead of tackling this problem by yourself, you can let an expert, like QSI Facilities, handle the entire process, which offers these benefits:

  • Augments your in-house team.
  • Flexible for unforeseen, time-sensitive measures, such as snow removal.
  • Access to qualified, vetted field service technicians.
  • Eliminates the paperwork and time of handling scheduling and contracting.
  • Adaptable to any type of facility, perfect for large, multi-industry portfolios.

Develop a Winning Strategy for On-Demand Facilities Management Now

A successful facilities management strategy is one that considers planned maintenance needs, and good planning demands an on-demand facilities management program. Ultimately, failure to plan for the unexpected will result in added expenses and significant problems for your organization.