A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

Partnering for Success

Leverage ENTOUCH’s turnkey platform, built and refined over the past 16 years, to grow and improve your business. We provide you with a comprehensive EMS solution that will improve and expand your business offerings.

The ENTOUCH platform includes the ENTOUCH.one, ENTOUCH.gateway, ENTOUCH.cloud, and ENTOUCH.360, which enables you to offer your customers a new set of proven and scalable products and services immediately. 

Commercial Real Estate

We provide you with the ideal solution for your commercial real estate and integrated facilities management teams. Your customers are simultaneously demanding large cost reductions and sustainable business practices without sacrificing comfort. Our solution enables you to achieve those goals by actively monitoring and managing individual facility assets throughout your entire portfolio from a single portal.

Already have legacy EMS hardware to manage? Use ENTOUCH.gateway to avoid the requirement to rip and replace existing hardware and integrate it seamlessly into ENTOUCH.cloud, our managed services portal. From here, we provide you with a set of automated tools coupled with advanced analytics and machine learning that optimize asset performance and provide your technicians with real-time, actionable intelligence on each asset in your portfolio. Our platform helps you move from reactive to predictive maintenance optimizing technician time, maintenance and capital spend.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Add the industry’s leading EMS solution to your CMMS platform and fully automate work orders in the process. Through our open and fully documented API, we have integrated our EMS solution into some of the industry’s largest CMMS platforms. We can do the same for you and provide you with a full EMS solution as a part of your offering. This not only will reduce your clients’ costs, but also increase your value proposition and improve client retention. You will provide an energy savings platform with tremendous ROI and improve facility management with an automated work order process.

By leveraging our data and system intelligence, we anticipate issues and can automatically generate work orders before equipment fails and detect false work orders that are not caused by malfunctioning equipment and avoid truck rolls. This improves operating efficiency and reduces costs, well beyond what a typical CMMS can do on its own.
Non Entouch Location
Client Hot or Cold
Contacts Facility Manager
Facility Manager Receives Complaint, Assesses Validity
Facility Manager Enters Work Order
Work Order is Received and Truck is Rolled
Technician Arrives Onsite and Asks Client About Problem
After Review and Discussion Resolves Problem
Enters Closeout Information and Work Order is Closed
Client Hot or Cold
Work Order Opened in CMMS
Routed to ENTOUCH.cloud for validation
ENTOUCH Assesses System
System Working Correctly
Work Order Closed
Malfunctioning System Automatically Detected
Work Order Generated in CMMS, Truck Rolled
Technician Repairs Unit
Repairs Confirmed
Work Order Closed
Over the past 16 years, we’ve built the ENTOUCH solution into the best EMS solution available. Fully leverage our investments and learnings by integrating our cloud-based solution into your core product offerings. This will allow your teams to focus on your core technology while providing your customers with a state of the art experience.

By combining your equipment with our predictive analytics and insights into usage and maintenance patterns, you can provide an enhanced customer experience that is unmatched in the industry, all without investing the time and capital needed to develop your own solution.

Energy Services Company

Our platform provides a complete and immediately available solution that enables you to efficiently service multisite clients. With our solution, you can monitor and control individual facility assets across your entire portfolio from a single site. Our affordable solutions are designed for the mid-market and have rapid paybacks on kWh savings alone.

Couple this with Demand Response programs, and the economics improve even further. We’ve integrated our platform with numerous CMMS and utility bill programs that enable your engineers to have all the data they need to manage the entire portfolio, from 1 to 1,000 sites or more, from a single platform with a single log-in.
We’ve developed the most cost-effective and robust first mile available, exactly what you need to digitally transform, optimize, and expand your business. From basic energy usage to sophisticated predictive analytics, we have the products to support your services.

We can uniquely integrate both new and legacy sites into a single platform improving the effectiveness of your team and reducing your costs. We provide you with an in-depth cloud-based set of tools built on an open API stack that supports a simple and seamless integration into your current user interface.

HVAC Contractor

Understanding where a technician is needed and when is perhaps the most difficult challenge you face. We can help. Our system provides the data and intelligence to let you know if a unit is functioning properly, and, if not, why not. It enables you to make adjustments remotely and resolve many issues immediately and without the need to send a technician.

If a technician is required, our mobile app provides your technician with real-time information about the malfunctioning unit, including its make, model, and problem, enabling an efficient, one visit repair. Not only this, but our advanced analytics and machine learning let you see problems developing, before a unit goes down, giving you precious time to schedule a technician and avoiding an angry customer in the process.

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