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Pioneering Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

The benefits of energy management will be realized by those who can effectively manage the tidal wave of data today’s solutions generate. Enter Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS).

Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)
At the end of this year, total global data traffic will be 500 times what it was in 2010. One driver of this trend is a new breed of data collection and analysis systems – including energy management systems (EMS) – that collect valuable data on tough business challenges.

The impact of this can be overwhelming to facility managers implementing EMS. These systems are popular now because companies like EnTouch have engineered them to provide dramatic energy cost savings and an unprecedented window into HVAC, lighting, refrigeration Energy Management Systemand other electrical systems resulting in higher efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The challenge that facility managers face is that a feature-rich EMS can produce up to 13,000 data points per day.

But the value created by the EMS is so great that there needs to be an effective way to manage this data. As an analogy, think back to when the point of sale (POS) system was introduced. It was implemented as a way to process payments, but with it came powerful data collection capabilities. That data collection resulted in a “fire hose” of data, but restaurants and retailers didn’t know how to process and “mine” the data. Now, entire industries have grown out of this surplus of data, giving businesses valuable information about their customers and products.

Enter EMaaS: Your Team of On-Call Data Scientists

What is needed for EMS to be effective is a team of on-call data scientists that are evaluating all incoming energy data in real-time and will alert you to the critical issues as they impact your business.

To provide this data analysis, EnTouch has created Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS).

Facility managers live in a reactionary world. They have a lot on their plate, so when it comes to handling their energy management data, it is often a result of an emergency. With most of our valued customers experiencing thousands of alerts per month, they simply don’t have the time to sort energy data and respond to each one effectively. Even so, how does the facility manager know which alerts require his or her attention? That’s where EMaaS comes in.

EnTouch Energy Manager Account TeamThrough this 24/7/365 support service, restaurants and retailers have access to a dedicated EnTouch account management team that is monitoring all of the data for them – for each and every location. We make sense of all the data, determine which alerts require immediate attention and build out a custom workflow so that these valued customers can grow and scale their businesses efficiently, without having to scale their facilities team.

When an actionable alert is identified, our EMaaS solution creates a ticket and the customer is notified. That ticket is then able to be tracked through the entire lifecycle of the issue. Additionally, by analyzing key pieces of data, we are able to provide customers with valuable insight into what is happening at their facilities and provide actionable information to best address the issue.

With EMaaS, EnTouch is providing businesses with an easy to use solution for effectively managing their energy. EnTouch is an additional resource for the facility manager that provides real-time data that can be converted into action which results in significant ROI. See how EnTouch is changing the landscape of energy management and how we can make your team more efficient while saving you more money here: Energy Management as a Service.

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