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Power Management System: Restaurants Enjoy Big Savings with Energy Management

If you own one or several restaurants, you probably already knew this: Restaurants are one of the biggest energy consumers in the commercial industry.
How are restaurant owners using a power management system to drastically reduce energy waste?

3D Energy ManagementWhy do restaurants outpace other businesses in energy usage?  The biggest reason is the wide range of equipment that is required to run a restaurant, which includes powering stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, lighting and customer comfort.  Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting, alone, account for 40%-60% of the average energy consumption in a full-service restaurant.

In our newest white paper, “Why Your Restaurant Can No Longer Ignore Energy Management, ” we explore the full range of issues related to energy consumption in restaurants.  In this first of a series of blogs related to that whitepaper, we are looking into the potential savings of implementing an Energy Management System (EMS).

This is certainly not the first time we’ve addressed the issue.  In a blog post last month, we talked about how to cost-effectively maintain dining area temperatures to keep customers happy while managing energy usage. We’ve also addressed how to significantly reduce energy costs in order to sustain cost increases in other areas such as upcoming minimum wage increases.

But in the whitepaper, we go into much more detail, such as this mini case study on how Chuck E. Cheese successfully implemented the Power Management System to save money:Chuckecheese

Problem: Energy is a big expense for all restaurants, but for Chuck E. Cheese’s, its especially so given the fact that a majority of the chain’s appeal comes from patrons playing video games and other electronic entertainment that really keeps the energy meter spinning. Because their buildings are often older, the cost of a retrofit was extremely important.  Wiring the entire facility just for a new EMS wasn’t in the budget, so the company focused on implementing a wireless EnTouch EMS that leveraged cloud computing so that no new computer equipment needed to be purchased and maintained.

Solution: After implementing the EnTouch solution, Chuck E. Cheese’s saved nearly $10,000 per year per restaurant on energy costs and emergency service calls while freeing their limited facility staff time to focus on strategic priorities and use data analytics to better manage their HVAC equipment, ensure proper sizing to match store needs and target limited capital budgets on the highest ROI upgrades. Another benefit – unique to Chuck E. Cheese’s – was the availability of data on key energy usage that management could send to video game developers so that new video games being developed can operate more energy efficiently.


Restaurant Energy Management White Paper

Want to learn more on how energy management can dramatically improve your restaurant’s profitability? CLICK HERE  to download the full white paper.