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Predictive Maintenance Myths Debunked: What Cost Savings Can Facility Managers Expect?

Deciding to implement a predictive maintenance program can be stressful, and Facilities Managers are likely to back away when presented with several issues that seem to permeate certain technology. Facilities Managers need to know the top predictive maintenance myths they will face, what reality says about them, and how to demistify these myths with a few best practices.

Facilities Managers May Believe Predictive Maintenance Myths

These myths may be misconceptions, such as:

  1. Inability to use smart building solutions and intelligent controls in older buildings.
  2. Relatively new facilities already have the bells and whistles.
  3. Believing smart building solutions and solutions will require little work.
  4. Implementing smart building solutions is a security risk.
  5. Deferred maintenance saves money.
  6. Saving energy is the only real benefit.
  7. Implementing smart building solutions is an expense.
  8. “Software” is difficult to operate and costly to deploy.

The Reality Associated with These Myths?

As explained by Michael Cowley of FacilitiesNet, predictive maintenance myths fall apart when looking at what each issue means for the facility. Using the previous list of eight myths, let’s consider their real implications and the following benefits associated with predictive maintenance and the adoption of smart building solutions.

  1. Older buildings can be retrofitted with the use of open APIs, gateways, wireless sensors and smart building solutions
  2. New facilities may have energy- efficiency standards, but opportunities for ongoing improvement still exists and require proactive management.
  3. Smart Building Solutions prioritize work – complementing the facility organization, not replace it.
  4. Security should always be a concern but new data protocols increase cybersecurity.
  5. Deferred maintenance costs more than proactive maintenance, as well as much more than the initial repair. In addition, deferred maintenance will eventually impact guest experience and team member productivity.
  6. Energy managers realize tangible savings through better customer interactions, the extended useful life of critical assets and more, reports Michael Cowley of FacilitiesNet.
  7. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and smart building solutions level the playing field, requiring a fraction of the investment necessary in traditional, internal intelligent building development and management.
  8. Similar to SaaS, smart building solutions can be managed remotely, putting the controls in the hands of experts. Although, Facilities Managers can still handle the data internally with on-site controls, like ENTOUCH.one™, but the challenge comes into play when creating metrics and KPIs based on data feedback. This is why more companies opt for a level of managed or advisory services through ENTOUCH.360™.

How to Put the Power of Proactive Predictive Maintenance to Work Without Fear of the Myths

As explained by Brian Ratcliff of High-Performance Buildings, finding the best way to move toward a predictive maintenance model can be complicated. While most show interest in such systems, the crushing weight of reactive maintenance only gets more massive, increasing the risk of caving to predictive maintenance myths. However, facilities managers can work to overcome these myths and instill a proactive, predictive maintenance program with these following tips:

  1. Retrofit your facilities with smart building solutions that include gateways and wireless, hassle-free sensors.
  2. Take advantage of SaaS platforms and managed service solutions.
  3. Work with an experienced smart building solutions’ provider, such as ENTOUCH.
  4. Train team members on the benefits of proactive predictive maintenance what they can expect when implemented.
  5. Encourage collaboration during the transition to a new smart building solutions.
  6. “Actionable” Data is the new money. Use data to prove value.
  7. Include stakeholders in decision-making processes.
  8. Conduct testing of networks that all connected systems will be using.

Gain Insight Into Facility Assets to Cut Costs With Proactive Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance can dramatically increase insight and visibility into facility assets, increasing life expectancy, reducing energy use, and much more. Instead of buying into the fear and myths, Facilities Managers should take the proverbial bull by horns. Visit ENTOUCH online or by calling 1-800-820-3511 to get started.