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ENTOUCH Announces Fexa Integration

Jul 20, 2023

Bringing together the leading energy management and facility management platforms to lower costs and help the environment

RICHARDSON, TX – July 20, 2023 – ENTOUCH, a leading provider of energy management solutions for multisite operators, and Fexa, a leading provider of SaaS-based facility management software, have announced a partnership aimed to revolutionize the way organizations manage and optimize their facilities. In today’s dynamic business environment, efficient facility management is crucial for organizations across various industries. Integrating ENTOUCH’s energy management solutions with Fexa’s CMMS delivers a comprehensive solution that simplifies and enhances facility operations, increasing efficiency, cost savings, and improving occupant experiences.

"Our integration with Fexa’s CMMS is a game-changer for our joint customer base,” said Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH. “By combining our energy management technology with Fexa's powerful FM platform, we can offer a comprehensive solution that shares data to make facilities more efficient and effective while reducing energy usage, driving our customer’s profitability, and simplifying maintenance and repair activities for multisite operators.”

The partnership between ENTOUCH Controls and Fexa will combine the strengths of both companies to deliver an integrated facility management solution that touches all aspects of a facility’s operations. By integrating ENTOUCH’s smart building technology with Fexa's robust facility management software, customers will benefit from reduced downtime, increased equipment lifespan, and improve overall facility performance.

This integration also allows customers to proactively approach facility management by identifying and addressing issues before they become significant problems. This proactive approach helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency, ultimately improving the bottom line for customers.

"We are excited to partner with ENTOUCH to provide our customers with an integrated solution that simplifies facility management and maximizes performance,” said Fexa President Kim Goei. “We feel this allows us to continue building on our principle that innovative technology plays an essential role in helping companies maximize the potential of their facilities.

Together, ENTOUCH and Fexa are dedicated to driving innovation in energy and facility management by delivering measurable value to their customers. This partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable organizations to thrive in today’s complex business environment. This all-in-one solution for managing facilities is available now.


Founded in Dallas, Texas, in 2008, ENTOUCH is the leader in energy management as a service and smart building technology. We create a path to a healthier planet by delivering sustainable solutions that reduce energy usage, drive profitably, and simplify facility management for multisite operators. Our turnkey solution digitally transforms and optimizes operations for multisite businesses. We are the only provider that owns our entire technology stack and can take over heterogeneous systems and manage them from a single cloud solution. We lead the industry in speed and deployment quality and the ENTOUCH.360 service has earned a 100% renewal rate.

About Fexa
Fexa is a facilities management enterprise SaaS solution dedicated to making it simpler for facilities and operations teams to achieve greater efficiency and ROI. The company’s highly configurable platform utilizes a flexible workflow engine to serve customers in a wide range of markets, including retail, healthcare, automotive, quick- serve restaurant, convenience, and broker or self-performing service providers. From work order, location and asset management to complex project management, the Fexa platform enhances and automates business and operational priorities through purpose-built, highly flexible software, tools, and support. Fexa is easy to use, flexible, and wicked smart. For more information about Fexa, visit https://fexa.io/

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