A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

ENTOUCH Board Member Outstanding Director

Mar 15, 2022

Dallas Business Journal Awards Scott Boxer for accelerating companies learning curve.

Dallas, TX –Scott Boxer has been named a 2021 Outstanding Director by The Dallas Business Journal. The award recognizes those Board of Directors who stewarded for-profit and non-profit organizations through challenges or times of extreme growth. These individuals and collective boards have been integral to the success, growth, and development of their organizations, helping the organization reach its objectives and see fruitful outcomes for stakeholders and shareholders.

Scott Boxer joined the ENTOUCH board in 2011 when the company was in its nascent stages. Securing Scott as a director meant gaining an individual with 40 years of commercial, multi-national HVAC expertise. Speaking to this, ENTOUCH CEO Jon Bolen commented, "What the management team could not have known at the time was that Scott's impact on the business as a leadership and business mentor might eclipse his impact as an industry expert."

In his early days as a Director, Scott introduced the ENTOUCH team to one of the world's largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment. That introduction provided a springboard for ENTOUCH into this manufacturer's customers across North Texas and validated ENTOUCH's technology. Over the years, Scott increasingly coached the young ENTOUCH team to partner with the large organizations he used to manage himself. Ultimately, with Scott's coaching, ENTOUCH was able to forge relationships with companies that became the foundation of ENTOUCH's channel growth strategy.

In 2019, as the company faced a strategic inflection point, Scott leaned in and made his voice heard. He cautioned about the uncertainty ahead and challenged a new management team to find a way to be profitable and achieve the investor's growth goals. With Scott's direction, the team assembled an operating plan that was lean and efficient. They could not have known what 2020 would bring, but that was Scott's point. While many businesses struggled to manage the slow down caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, ENTOUCH flourished. It was the company's most profitable year on record, and its roots lay in Scott's guidance. As the management team focused on operating efficiently and lean, Scott has challenged them to understand the impact on the entire team, from the field installation engineer to the customer success manager. Scott ensured that the management team understood their responsibility. It's a sentiment and a leadership trait he highlighted in a 2016 interview with the Dallas Business Journal as a Power Player:

"I have some very strong beliefs about leadership and when leadership fails. It's usually not the leader that gets hurt. They usually go off into the sunset with some package you read about all the time. But when a company gets led astray, who gets hurt is the technicians, the people that answer the phones, the accountants; they're the ones who lose their jobs because the company's not doing well."

David Matthews, an investor in ENTOUCH and another Director, summed it up succinctly, "Having served as CEO of a large HVAC services company, Scott brings a two-fold benefit to the board of ENTOUCH – best-practice leadership skills and visibility to the HVAC marketplace and its priorities."

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