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ENTOUCH Partners With Voltus To Provide Distributed Energy Resource Program

Oct 21, 2021

Reduced Energy Spend and Build a New Revenue Stream with Energy Usage.

RICHARDSON, TX, October 21, 2021 - ENTOUCH, the leader in multisite energy management and smart building technology, and Voltus, Inc., the leading distributed energy resource (DER) technology company connecting DERs to cash generating market opportunities, announced a commercial partnership agreement that integrates ENTOUCH’s energy management solution with Voltus’s DER platform. This partnership will drive economic value for customers while providing the grid with reliability and sustainability benefits.

Today we have visibility into the effects of inclement weather across North America. The weather and national disasters pay a toll on our communities but also our energy resources and infrastructure. With the integrated combination of ENTOUCH and Voltus, companies will have the ability to help their communities avoid rolling brown/blackouts, which put our community’s health and livelihood at risk. Previously, many companies were not able to take advantage of DER programs, but with Voltus’s technology, DER programs cut through the complexity while maintaining business priorities and eliminating comfort concerns.

ENTOUCH’s energy management solution automates multisite operators' energy efficiency and operational productivity while generating revenue by evaluating grid stresses using real-time communications from electricity supply companies. The Voltus and ENTOUCH partnership allow our customers to capture the full value of automated energy consumption reductions, linking any grid-connected load to global energy markets with Voltus’s API and ENTOUCH’s OpenADR. Together, ENTOUCH and Voltus enable multisite facilities to directly support grid resiliency and reduce carbon emissions by partaking in reduced loads in a straightforward, adaptable approach. We are excited to provide a virtually untapped revenue stream to our customers.

“We are excited to partner with Voltus to bring the most sought-after distributed energy resource solution to our managed service clients,” said Jon Bolen, ENTOUCH CEO. “Voltus is the only platform integrated into all nine US and Canadian wholesale power markets. Voltus focuses on helping each customer meet their financial goals without daily distractions of the energy market complexities to get significant value. Voltus cuts through this complexity to deliver better energy and more cash to your bottom line.” Bolen continued.

“ENTOUCH and Voltus are innovating the way multi-site operators can participate in DER programs,” explains Françoise Parker, Voltus’s Vice President of Strategic Sales. “Historically, opportunities for these customers have been limited, due to perceived lack of operational flexibility and load on a per site basis. Voltus’s platform, alongside ENTOUCH’s energy management solutions, solves these problems by instantaneously curtailing energy consumption across thousands of locations in response to electricity market signals. This aggregate demand reduction not only delivers cash to retailers but also brings much needed relief to the electric grid.”

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