EnTouch 360

Fully-Managed Energy Management Service

Introducing the ultimate facilities and building management system

EnTouch 360° offers the ultimate in facilities and energy management intelligence. Our turnkey installation, energy analysis and prompt resolution can simplify the lives of your facility management team while it delivers savings to your enterprise’s bottom line.

Building energy management systems that are easy to install

EnTouch 360° systems are wireless, so they are quick and easy to install. There is no running additional wires or server installation required. Best of all, we handle the whole installation & commissioning process, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Free up your facilities management staff

EnTouch 360° is the only facilities and building management systems that frees your facilities management team to deal with the day-to-day issues of managing a national chain of restaurants, retail stores or other multi-facility enterprises.

Custom reporting and 24/7 critical response

This is the perfect way to avert a potential facility crisis. Our 24/7 command center monitors everything and we will even dispatch technicians to resolve an HVAC, refrigeration or lighting problem. Plus, we provide custom reporting so you can track with us on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Key Features

What Makes Entouch Unique?

EnTouch pioneered Energy Management as a Service (eMaaS) because we believe our customers’ success is dependent not solely on technology, but on a partnership that leverages technology, expertise and actionable data to achieve our customers operational goals everyday. so it’s not about the technology, it’s about people – your customer, you and your team (our customer) and the Entouch team that engages, facilitates your success and provides you Total Facilities Intelligence.

Account Management is the keystone

The foundation of the partnership is our Entouch Account Management Team led by your dedicated Account manager. Your Account manager is an extension of your  facilities team who will navigate the Entouch 360 product Realization process with you. This best practice, five-stage process will ensure that we are aligned around your objectives and that we can consistently deliver upon the promise of our value proposition.

Best In Class, Award Winning Platform

Our EnTouch One building controls platform is an award-winning solution including HVAC and LIGHTING control and REFRIGERATION and Energy monitoring. We leverage cutting edge wireless and cellular technologies to expedite installation and ensure the security of the industry with a comparable mix of sophisticated features and simplicity associated with install.

Professional Project Management

A multi-site deployment is no easy task. Hardware, installation resources and timing must be managed. Site communications and training must be coordinated. Exceptions must be handled and change orders need to flow seamlessly. The EnTouch Account Management team in conjunction with the Field Operations team will manage every facet of your deployment with our fit for purpose toolset.  Meanwhile, you can rest assured your goals are being realized.

App Driven Installation with Fit for Purpose Tools

Our development focus has always been to deliver highly sophisticated solutions that solve complex problems and are very easy to use. Our approach to the installation of your EMS is no different. To consistently deliver to your expectations, we have developed cloud-based commissioning tools in conjunction with mobile installation tools that ensure each EnTouch device is deployed exactly how our customers’ envisioned and supports the operational objectives they have prescribed. Moreover, each site installation receives a post installation quality assurance evaluation including a heating (or cooling) test to ensure your infrastructure is operating as expected.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Entouch’s Account Management Team ensures that our customers are always situationally aware and a potential facilities crisis is detected and avoided. Every site and every EnTouch device is monitored using our cloud-based analytics. In the event of an equipment failure, our team can respond in accordance with your procedures so that you don’t have to and so that your customers’ experience is always consistent. Additionally, our Support Center or Call Center is available 24×7 to address comfort issues, temporary setting adjustments or even simple training questions. This is a critical component of our partnership, but it is only the beginning.

Lifecycle Asset portfolio Management

The promise of our value proposition is truly realized when the EnTouch team, lead by your Account Manager, transitions from a deployment phase into portfolio management. Leveraging EnTouch’s unparalleled data visualization tools you will craft a strategy that will unlock energy savings no other solution can find. You will not simply ensure you are reducing energy, but, like other EnTouch customers, you can quantitatively support capital improvements or even store redesign.

The result will lower OPEX, Reduce Capex and Increase Profits

Our customers see an immediate 10-20% reduction in energy usage, fewer maintenance truck rolls, and higher facility comfort. By leveraging our data and expertise, long term energy reductions of 35% or more are possible, as well as reduced repair and maintenance (R&M) costs, lower new store construction costs, and reduced capital costs. Installation quality assurance evaluation including a heating (or cooling) test to ensure your infrastructure is operating as expected.

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