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Proof of Value

Explore our solutions for improving your profitability and the planet. One building at a time.



>10- 20 %
ENTOUCH customers achieve reduction of energy consumption from 10% to well over 20% and hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance savings per facility.


more than

locations and growing


locations and growing

3-step proof of value process

Our process of site selection, installation, and savings assessments help you build your case for full deployment.

1. selection

Together, we define and agree on objectives and metrics for success. Upon approval to proceed, our team works with you to select 5-10 of  your sites for you proof of value assessment.

2. installation

Our team manages the installation and works with your team every step of the way. Our rapid deployment happens within as little as 2 weeks from signing, with most installations completed in 1 day, with no disruption to your business operations.

3. assessment

 The final step in the process is presenting your assessment and results. This includes weekly meetings to discuss performance, comfort, system issues, and alerts. The assessment concludes with the final results compared to the original metrics for success. Proving the value of energy management

Experience Our Value

Capital for facilities projects is always scarce. In the current climate, capital might not just be scarce, it might be unavailable. As your partner, ENTOUCH understands how you buy is your decision. We make is simple for you to start saving the planet and improving your profits, one building at a time.