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Quick Service Restaurant Facilities Management: Why Carry-Out Facilities Management Is Top-Priority

Quick service restaurant facilities management is often used interchangeably with fast casual facilities management, but both have slight differences. Carry-out facilities management remains a subset of restaurant facilities management, and it bears the burden of offering impeccable facilities, service, and food. Carry-out facilities management also bears the gravest risk; what if something, no matter how small, adversely affects a guest. The time to impress guests may be as little as walking in, paying, and leaving. That could range from a luxurious three minutes to a rushed 15 seconds. There is no room for error, as seen in Wendy’s push to use technology to get more customers in and out of their stores, reports Market Wired.Facilities Managers need to understand why carry-out facilities management literally takes the cake.

Carry-Out Facilities Management Reels From the Effect of the Fast-Casual Movement

Carry-out establishments have come under great scrutiny to stay competitive in the fast-casual movement. More restaurants are offering grab-and-go and curbside pickup services, like Chili’s, and the rise of Uber Eats, as explained by Bloomberg Gadfly, threatens to undermine the effectiveness and profitability of carry-out restaurants.


Domino’s saw this trend coming years ago, and in 2014, CEO Patrick Doyle implemented a remodel mandate, reports Alicia Kelso of Fast Casual. The mandate required all existing stores remodel facilities to create guest-centric environments. The bulky menus on the counter and lackluster standing space left consumers feeling empty, alone, and unwanted. This is the ultimate antagonist in business, and it had to change. Something as simple as a misplaced napkin could leave consumers skittish about their order. In fact, Domino’s is at it again, seeking to impress carry-out customers with carry-out pizza insurance. So, what does Domino’s mindset toward remodeling and carry-out insurance really imply?

The customer is everything!

Carry-Out Facilities Management Is Rapidly Evolving

Customers are in and out of carry-out restaurants in record time, so carry-out facilities management must never adversely impact the customer experience. Cleaning of the floor, changing of lights, or anything else must take place when customers are not present. Obviously, spills and visible messes need to be addressed immediately before they can open up another opportunity for error.

Dirty mop water is equal to a bad guest experience. It does not seem like much, but it has an adverse impact on the guests’ experiences and perception of the brand. As a result, carry-out facilities management must become more involved, like changing the cleaning water every hour, just in case, and performing in-depth cleanings during afterhours.

Going back to the Domino’s example, the company is now expanding self-driving delivery vehicle programs, reports mLive Media Group, allowing customers to input a code on the side of the self-driving car to get their pizza. This seems like a way to impress customers even more, but it can have adverse effects. What happens if a customer sneezes on the screen, forgetting to wipe it down?

Carry-out Facilities Managers will need to expand their restaurant facility management checklists to include the new services being offered, down to the delivery drivers.

Nationwide Brands Are Looking for Ways to Keep Costs Down Too

Domino’s is pushing the boundaries of carry-out guest experiences, but McDonald’s is well on its way to bringing low-cost food to an entirely new generation. McDonald’s has explored the possibility of creating net-zero energy use stores by simply improving equipment efficiency and energy use by 60 percent. This will alleviate overhead energy costs, which can be used to reduce overall costs and product price points, explains FacilitiesNet. Now, remember that note about touchscreens for Domino’s. The same issue is cropping up in McDonald’s locations using touchscreen order kiosks. One look at those after someone with muddy, sweaty hands uses it, will send a possible customer out the door.

It’s not all grim, but it is clear that carry-out facilities management is more important than ever.

Choose the Right Facilities Management Services Provider to Enhance Carry-Out Facilities Management

Each new technology represents a new need in carry-out facilities management. The world is evolving. Traditional dine-in and carry-out companies, like McDonald’s and Chili’s, are embracing delivery and curbside pickup. Instead of adding driver hiring to the facilities management burden, Uber Eats is picking up the proverbial tab, but who is picking up the tab for customers walking in to get their food and leave immediately? That must be you. You must put carry-out facilities management on the top pedestal of your organization. Leave nothing to chance. Leave nothing undone. Do everything; do it right. Do it now. It is a scary prospect, but it is possible.