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Reduce Energy Costs and Extend the Life of HVAC with Analytics

HVACMost businesses rely on thermostats to control HVAC systems, which seems like all that is needed, right?

But in any environment where customer comfort is important, a thermostat controls an important aspect of your business.  With only a thermostat, for example, how can you know that schedules and settings are correct a year from now? How do you know that your HVAC system is operating properly?

Thermostats are only one-way control devices.  They send signals to turn on heating and cooling and measure space temperature. But they have no way to know if the HVAC equipment is properly operating, especially in commercial applications with more than one HVAC system.

Typically, we find 25 percent of HVAC systems have a performance issue that isn’t detected by building occupants. A unit can have a bad fan belt, a clogged filter, need Freon, or even a more serious problem.  Because of these issues, the other HVAC systems in a facility work harder to compensate, wasting energy and shortening their lifespan.

HVAC Analytics

At EnTouch, we’ve enhanced the thermostat to add energy monitoring features that can monitor data every 60 seconds for every HVAC system in a facility.  Simple measurements like temperatures and humidity are combined with supply air temperature and HVAC energy consumption.

We even track HVAC drive signals and associated fan and compressor energy consumption. While all of this data is great, without analytics it’s impossible to track performance and detect subtle issues.

This is where the power of our cloud analytics package takes over.  Trends are determined, variables and data points are trended and correlated, anomalies are detected and simple alerts are generated.

With our EnTouch 360 managed service we take this one step farther by watching these trends and alerting you when there is deviance or a problem.  The complete service also includes issue tracking, ticketing and work-order processing.

The results are impressive.  With analytics, we are able to not only reduce energy consumption by 15 percent to 20 percent; we are able to help customers plan maintenance and capital improvement budgets around one of their most expensive assets – HVAC equipment.

Find out today how EnTouch Controls can help you maximize your HVAC energy savings and ultimately extend the life of your system – https://entouchcontrols.com/products/.